Banding Data

Band returns can't provide a complete picture of the exact origin of all Kansas ducks. There are areas important to the Kansas migration where banding effort is light or non-existent.

1990 to 2000, first year banded birds harvest in Kansas

From Band Site to Harvest Site

1994 to 2004, first year banded birds harvested in Kansas

Points of Interest

- 88% of the Kansas migration originates from the states and Canadian provinces that make up the PRAIRIE POTHOLE REGION . The Prairie Pothole Region is Ducks Unlimited's #1 conservation focus area and has been since the organization's inception in 1937.

- Over 75% of the Kansas migration originates from Canada. To track Canada only band returns CLICK HERE .

- While the vast majority of the Kansas migration originates in the Prairie Pothole Region, Kansas will winter waterfowl from Alaska to the Maritimes of Canada and provinces and states in between.