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Larry Wilson Wildlife Area Project 1: (Spring Run Unit) Dedication Ceremony on September 6th 2003 at 11:00 am across from the Elinor Bedell State Park in East Okoboji. Guest Speakers will include Former Governor Terry E. Branstad, Ducks Unlimited and Iowa DNR Dignitaries. The Dedication Ceremony will be covered by many media organizations throughout the State of Iowa, including the Des Moines Register. ADDITIONALLY The Dedication Ceremony of Iowa Wetlands following the Larry Wilson Project 1 dedication ceremony will be held at 1:30 pm September 6th 2003, 2 miles east of the Elinor Bedell State Park in East Okoboji.

Special Thanks to Chuck Heike whose dedication to the preservation of Iowa wetlands through his generous donation is greatly appreciated by Iowa Ducks Unlimited.

Update July 2003: Larry Wilson Wildlife Area Projects are named Project 2 Riverton Iowa (Jenson Tract) 400 Acres, Project 3 Jones County (Muskrat Slough) Approximately 178 Acres

Ducks Unlimited Major Donor Report

Individuals, Corporations & Foundations

Life Sponsor $10,000-$19,999
Life Sponsor $20,000-$29,999
Sponsor in Perpetuity $30,000-$39,999
Sponsor in Perpetuity $40,000-$49,999
Heritage $50,000-74,999
Heritage $75,000-$99,999
Benefactor $100,000-$249,999
Legacy $250,000-$499,999
Gold Legacy $500,000-$749,999
Platinum Legacy $750,000-$999,999
Legacy $1,000,000 +
Feather Society  
Silver $0-$99,999
Gold $100,000-$249,999
Emerald $250,000-$499,999
Platinum $500,000-$999,999

Ducks Unlimited Life Sponsors & Feather Society Members

By Dwight Hughes (Life Sponsor)

  • What do they Contribute to Iowa Ducks Unlimited: The Major Donors of Iowa Ducks Unlimited make a special commitment to the cause of Wetlands conservation through their leadership and contributions.

  • Who can be a Major Donors for Iowa Ducks Unlimited: Major donors are those individuals or businesses who donate 10,000 or more to Ducks Unlimited. Contributions can be in the form of cash or securities. They can be given in lump sums or over a period of years.

  • How to Contribute to Iowa Ducks Unlimited: Major Donor contributions can be directed towards DU's conservation projects here in Iowa. The funds can also be designated to be applied to a specific project.Individuals can also become Major Donors without making a current gift. They can pledge to make a gift through their estate to Iowa Ducks Unlimited upon their death or the death of their surviving spouse. Gifts can be pledged through wills, life insurance policies, retirement plans, securities and trusts. A percentage or a designated amount can be pledged. There are no minimum dollar requirements for this form of Major Donor giving.

  • Why do we become Major Donors with Iowa Ducks Unlimited: Major Donors are individuals who want to leave a Legacy for future generations to enjoy. They want to insure the conservation of our wetlands for the preservation of our wildlife, outdoor recreation and the environment.

  • Who to contact to become a Major Donor with Iowa Ducks Unlimited: Individuals or businesses interested in becoming a Major Donor can contact any DU volunteer for additional information about the program best suited for them.

Dwight Hughes is a life-long Iowa resident, a Iowa DU life sponsor, and is currently State Council Chairman for Iowa Ducks Unlimited. Dwight's dedication to DU's Life Sponsor Program is based on his strong beliefs in preserving Iowa's decaying wetlands for his children, his grandchildren and all the Ducks.

Four ducks on a pond
A grass-bank beyond
A blue sky of spring
White clouds on the wing:
What a little thing
To remember for years-
To remember with tears!
William Allingham 1828-1889