Presidential Citations

Presidential Citation Awards!


I would like to send out a special congratulations to the following 2010 (calendar year) Presidential Citation winning chapters.  The Presidential Citation Award program is a goal that each and every chapter should set in their sights and strive to achieve.  Each winning chapter will receive a large Presidential Citation wall banner to proudly display the night of their event(s) in front of their fellow supporters.


Nationwide (out of 3,500+ chapters), there were 221 Bronze Citation Winners, 17 Silver Citation Winners and 8 Gold Citation Winners - Indiana's winners are as follows:


Bronze Citation

St. Joseph Valley
Fort Wayne Sponsor
Decatur County
Noble County

Gold Citation

Purdue University


That means that Purdue DU have been Presidential Citation winners for 3 consecutive years - Bronze 2008, Silver 2009 and Gold 2010 - a special thanks and congratulations goes out to Purdue DU for this great accomplishment!!!

Lets urge our Bronze Citation winners to strive/plan to achieve the Silver Citation in 2011 and for Purdue University to continue to hold on to their Elite Ranking Gold Citation.  And of course we urge each and every one of you and your chapters to strive/plan for Bronze in 2011-2012.   Once again, please join me in congratulating your fellow IN DU teammates on a job well done!  We look forward to having you and your chapter join the Presidential Citation Ranks - Ask us how!!!


Ducks Unlimited

Regional Director, Northern Indiana