Two new wetland projects at Hovey Lake

Located at Indiana's southern tip between the Wabash and Ohio Rivers, Hovey Lake Fish and Wildlife Area has been a historic waterfowl migration and wintering area for decades.

Waterfowl migration patterns have shifted, with the large flocks of Canada geese wintering further to the north and higher numbers of puddle ducks staying in the region longer duration during the winter.

The need to provide moist-soil and shallow-water habitat for migrating and wintering ducks has become an important habitat resource throughout DU's southern reaches of the Big Rivers Initiative. Because of that, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and DU have partnered to create two new wetland management units at Hovey Lake.

With funding from Indiana's license plate program, DU engineers provided survey and engineering work to the IDNR for their future construction of the Big Cypress and Iron Gate wetland units. These sites will be transformed from low-production agricultural land into nearly 27 acres of wetlands managed for waterfowl habitat. DU is very proud to work on these great waterfowl projects, and looks forward to the development of future wetland projects at Hovey Lake.