2021 New Guns and Gear: Decoys and Accessories

These new decoys make a case for some changes in your spread

© Chris Jennings

By Phil Bourjaily and Chris Jennings

Higdon Battleship Puddle Pack

Spice up your spread with Higdon’s Battleship Puddle Pack. These oversized foam-filled decoys offer increased visibility and added realism when hunting multiple species. Each six-pack comes with two gadwalls, two pintails, and two wigeon, including one drake and one hen of each species. higdondecoys.com


Higdon Magnum Half Shell Canada Goose Decoys

Add visibility and impact to your field spread with Higdon’s oversized Canada goose Half Shell decoys with flocked heads. Lightweight and stackable, they are easy to transport and pick up in the field. Each six-pack includes one sentry, one rester, two walkers, and two feeders.


Avian-X Power Flight Mallard

This all-new motion decoy from Avian-X features a patent-pending “angel wing” design that spins 360 degrees, closely imitating the natural movements of a landing mallard’s wings. The molded, high-impact plastic wings are photo-realistic and create natural flash. A lithium-ion battery pack, adjustable stake, and remote control are included. avian-x.com


Dive Bomb Industries Superflag

Dive Bomb Industries’ Superflag is a sleek, collapsible carbon-fiber goose flag with an innovative open-close wing system. The Superflag features two durable fiberglass wing rods that lock in place upon opening and effortlessly collapse when the flag needs to be tucked away.


GreenHead Gear Pro-Grade Silhouette Decoys

GreenHead Gear’s new Pro-Grade Silhouette Decoys combine portability and durability in an easy-to-deploy system. Sold in packs of 12, these silhouettes include six lifelike postures and detailed matte printing that absorbs light and reduces glare. Species include snow geese, mallards, and Canada geese with flocked heads. banded.com


Deadly Rigs

Deadly Rigs are the first lead-free, ecofriendly decoy anchors to hit the market. These Texas-style rigs feature coated steel cable line, heavy-duty crimps, swivels, and six-ounce powder-coated cast-iron weights.


Dive Bomb Industries F1 Canada Goose Floaters

Dive Bomb’s new F1 Canada Goose Floaters are built for detail and durability, featuring heavy-duty blended construction and premium paint adhesion to ensure they can withstand a serious beating. Sold in six-packs, they come with weighted keels and fully flocked heads in both active and semi-active positions. divebombindustries.com


Deadly Decoys Mallard Floaters

Created by world champion decoy carver Laurie J. McNeil, these EVA-plastic mallard floaters from Deadly Decoys will add realism to your water rig. They come in a six-pack with three lifelike head positions. deadlydecoys.com