2020 New Guns & Gear: Decoys, Rigging, and Bags

There's always room for new decoys, bags, and rigging as the season opener approaches

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Dive Bomb F1 Mallard Floaters

Dive Bomb Industries is known for silhouettes and socks, but this year the Missouri-based company is launching their F1 Mallard Floater line. The new F1 Floaters feature six unique postures per dozen, including two high-head drakes, two skimmer drakes, two active drakes, two rester drakes, two active hens, and two rester hens. Coming soon to divebombindustries.com.

Dive Bomb Decoys V2f Canada Goose Silhouettes 

The Dive Bomb Industries V2F Canada’s are the number one Canada goose silhouette decoy on the market. These decoys have taken the goose hunting world by storm with their light weight, durability, and ultra-realistic paint schemes. From the prairies of Saskatchewan to the peanut fields of West Texas, they are proven and trusted by the most established outfitters in the world to deliver results. These decoys are offered to consumers at an unbeatable, direct-to-consumer price. Sold by the dozen, the V2Fs feature six feeders, two resters, two quartering away, and to two sentries. divebombindustries.com.

Higdon Outdoors X-Slot Universal Duck Decoy Bag

Built to provide flexibility for decoy storage and transportation, Higdon’s X-Slot Universal Duck Decoy Bag provides up to 24 individual decoy slots and can be customized on the fly. The bag features quality 600-denier polyester, a coated mesh bottom for improved drainage, and adjustable shoulder straps. higdonoutdoors.com

Avian-X Topflight Fusion Mallards

The Avian-X Topflight Fusion Pack contains six true-to-life body positions for added realism and features weight-forward swim keels for improved movement on the water. These rugged floater decoys are sure to add color and detail to your spread. avian-x.com

Higdon Outdoors Magnum Canada Goose Butts

Bring your Canada goose decoy spread to life with Higdon’s new Magnum Canada Goose Butts. These decoys give the appearance of actively feeding geese and provide a much-needed, high-contrast visual so passing geese spot your spread. higdonoutdoors.com

Rig’Em Right Xtreme Coated Cable Decoy Anchors

With a lifetime warranty, Rig’Em Right’s Xtreme Coated Cable Decoy Anchors are designed to last. These Texas-rig decoy anchor systems feature coated steel cable, heavy-duty crimps and swivels, weights, and a large padded carabiner. They are available in seven different length and weight options. rigemright.com

GreenHead Gear XD Series Pintail Harvester Pack

New for 2020, the GHG XD (Extraordinary Detail) Pintail Harvester Pack will brighten up your spread. These decoys come with XD Series DuraFeather multi-material supple bodies, deep feather detail, vibrant colors, and the 60/40 DuraKeel design, which has more weight in front for a lifelike float. Sold as a six-pack. Coming soon to greenheadgear.com.

GreenHead Gear Pro Grade XD Series Canada Goose Floaters

Transition your Canada goose water spread to GHG’s Pro Grade XD Series. Now sold in six-packs, these goose floaters feature XD Series DuraFeather body material, lifelike detail, vibrant colors, and the 60/40 DuraKeel design. Available this fall from greenheadgear.com.