Who’s the BOSS?

This content is brought to you by Boss Shotshells as part of a Sponsored Content program. Ducks Unlimited played no role in the creation of this content.

BOSS Shotshells is an unmuzzled, pro-2A, family owned small business with a massive workforce of four dudes and Meg at The Shop. We freely manufacture premium, copper-plated nontoxic loads at our small facility in Bridgman, MI. Just like we’re committed to creating the industry’s best value in shells, we’re also committed to creating and maintaining domestic jobs. Every product that bears our name is made on U.S. soil.

BOSS was founded in 2017 by ballistics prodigy Brandon Cerecke. A year later, our unmuzzled narrative was brought to life with the help of brand wiz/photographer Lee Thomas Kjos after an all-night conversation between the two longtime waterfowlers.

Brandon had been testing his shells for a few years prior, while Lee had heard quiet rumblings about these sinister loads. Brandon’s shells patterned better and hit so much harder than steel — but let’s be honest: Bismuth’s devastating effectiveness had been recognized for decades. Problem was Bismuth’s retail price typically put the shells out of reach for most hunters. That bothered both Brandon and Lee as much as steel shot’s tendency to cripple birds. To address these issues head-on, the two set off designing a better way to get customers the best performing loads possible at the best possible value.

Under Kjos’ insistence and a whole lot of trust on Brandon’s part, BOSS’ unique, direct-to-consumer sales model was born. Our difference: We only sell online at BOSSshotshell.com. Avoiding retail stores allows BOSS to make phenomenally performing shells and actually sell them at an affordable price to the average hunter. Shipped free to your door by the case (single boxes also available), the price-per-shell pencils out to a few dimes more than steel. Doing away with the hassles of paper boxes, we even include a waxed-cotton MoneyBag that holds around 80 shells free inside every case.

You’ll see the benefits of a shell this well-designed immediately. With copper-plated BOSS, you either cleanly kill or cleanly miss. If you do your job by patterning the shell and knowing your effective shooting distances, we’ll do ours by making you a diabolical, lights-out load that kills on command. From our perspective, steel shells were only a value the moment you grabbed a box off the shelf. After that, there were obvious costs. Cripples. Wasting valuable hunt time finishing off an injured bird on the water. That alone is a real factor to consider when buying shells: What’s the value of slightly cheaper steel shells after emptying your gun two or three times per cripple? With BOSS’ pattern density and penetration, it’s typically one-and-done.

Nearly as heavy as lead, expect it to feel a lot like the old days when shooting BOSS. We’re also finding our affordable, non-toxic loads come with a few unexpected advantages. By nature, copper-plated bismuth is far heavier than steel. It’s also a lot softer so it’s safe to shoot out of vintage barrels. Since our start, we’re seeing many Model 12s and classic A5s make their rightful return to the duck blind and upland fields. The same goes for the resurgence in sub-gauges like the 16-, 20-, 28-gauge and even .410 bore. Given copper-plated BOSS hits harder and penetrates deeper, you can downsize your bore size without fear of wounding birds.

And the unmuzzled thing? That’s more than marketing talk it’s a promise. Given we only answer to our customer instead of some box-store buyer, no one can tell us what unique, specialized loads we can or can’t put out based on some sales projection. We can talk about our respect for real woodsmanship and true customer service, then call out many of the growing false narratives negatively effecting wingshooting culture. We’re unafraid to show our love for conservation, country and American manufacturing because it all comes from an authentic perspective. We’re just old-school hunters with decades of duck stamps to prove it, so these concepts are all deeply ingrained in the BOSS DNA.

To say the last two-and-a-half years have been a wild ride would be an understatement and we’ll close by shining a spotlight where’s it’s rightfully due: On the BOSSmen. We credit our success to each and every man and woman in our growing online community. Nearly 30,000 strong, these grinders have helped the brand rise as much as anything else. Positive, inclusive and always willing to talk chokes, patterns or help out with shell- and shot-size advice, you can find a community committed to non-toxic devastation by searching both Instagram and Facebook. We’d love it if you joined the conversation.

This content is brought to you by Boss Shotshells as part of a Sponsored Content program. Ducks Unlimited played no role in the creation of this content.