Retriever Training Video Tips

Starring Deke the DU Dog and Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels

Gain retriever training insight from Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels as he trains Deke, Drake and a number of other dogs in everything a waterfowl retriever needs to know. From puppy to hunting partner, Stewart offers dog owners everything from the basics to complex training tips. If you're not already signed up, follow along each month by subscribing to the DU E-newsletter!

Tip #6 - June: Coordination

From the DU Sporting Expo in Grapevine, Texas, Stewart demonstrates a coordination technique with Deke and the other dogs and the help of some new young friends.

Tip #5 - May:
Memory Marking

Stewart explains his method for memory marking downed birds and honoring other dogs' retrieves.

Tip #4 - April:
Off-season Health Check-up

This month, Stewart and the Wildrose veterinary technician, Lynette, go through an off-season check-up for your dog. From nails and ears to coat and teeth, make sure your dog is up to snuff for next season!

Tip #3 - March:
Finding Birds in Deep Woods

Stewart shows you how to prime your dog to find fallen birds in wooded areas.

Tip #2 - February:
Natural Delivery to Hand

Stewart provides the basic fundamentals for you to encourage your retriever to naturally deliver a bird to hand.

Tip #1 - January:
Getting Your Dog to Focus

Stewart demonstrates how to get your dog to focus on you and only you during training exercises and in the field.

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