Duck Hunting Journal App for iPhone and Android

Log Your Duck Hunts on Your Android or iPhone Device

The DU Waterfowler's Journal is the only app designed exclusively for waterfowl hunters to keep a detailed log of each trip to the field. Whether you're new to waterfowl hunting or a seasoned pro, you can document the most important elements of every hunt with this app. 

Download the Android version. Download the iPhone version. Both are FREE!

Use the DU Waterfowler's Journal App to:

  • Log the number of birds harvested, broken down by species and sex
  • Read waterfowl ID characteristics to help you identify birds in the field
  • Record hunt location including city, state and other details such as blind locations, field names, etc.
  • Enter detailed weather conditions (wind, temperatures, precipitation, etc.)
  • Take photos from your phone and attach them directly to your reports 
  • Make personal notes about your hunt
  • View and edit journal entries from previous hunts

App Features Include:

  • View current and past hunting seasons
  • Season dates & bag limits
  • Enhanced photo browsing
  • Access journal through an online interface (member's only)
  • Share reports on Facebook
  • Built in flashlight
  • Updated Duck Identification data and links to online waterfowl ID
  • Added "Total Birds Harvested By Group" field to log entry screen
  • Reset password functionality
  • Other usability improvements

By recording your hunting dates, locations, weather conditions and harvest logs, you'll gain valuable insight that can educate and help you plan future hunts. It's also a great way to capture and reflect back on the special moments that take place every hunting season.

Download the Android version.  Download the iPhone version.  NOW FREE!

App Notes:

  • Once you download the app, you'll be asked to create an account (email and password). This will allow us to provide you with access to your journal information on the Ducks Unlimited website as part of a future enhancement.
  • Internet connection is required for use.

Ducks Unlimited reminds hunters to comply with all federal and state waterfowl hunting regulations.