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Migration, Waterfowl ID, News, Latest Stories and Events all from your Windows 8 tablet or Surface device!

Ducks Unlimited is proud to offer the official Ducks Unlimited Windows App!

Download this app today on your Windows 8 device to enjoy valuable resources for waterfowl hunters and DU supporters, including:

Waterfowl Migration Reports
View and submit real-time hunting reports and migration observations across the U.S. and Canada. View reports from DU biologists, professional field editors and other hunters as a list or on a map. Filter reports by date, current location, city & state, flyway or the most recent submissions.

Waterfowl Identification
View photos, listen to audio and read detailed descriptions for the most common waterfowl species in North America.

DU Event Listing
Search for a list of DU event dates and details in your state.

Latest News and Twitter Feed from DU
Keep up with the latest DU news, hunting tips and more with a direct feed from our Twitter account as well as a the most recent articles on our website.

Sunrise / Sunset Calculator
Retrieve sunrise & sunset times for any North American location for any date.

Snow Cover Maps
Snow cover maps can help you figure out when the waterfowl will arrive in your area and understand how the winter weather fronts and migration are intertwined. Retrieve current and past snow cover maps by date.

  • Waterfowl Migration Reports
  • Waterfowl Identification
  • DU Event Listing
  • Latest News and Twitter Feed from DU
  • Sunrise / Sunset Calculator
  • Snow Cover Maps
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