Photo Essay: Kids Afield

A photographic celebration of children learning and enjoying the sport of hunting

The first time in the field can be an exciting experience for young hunters.
DU stresses the importance of passing on waterfowl hunting traditions and encourages youth members to sign up for DU's Greenwing Program. (Matthew Slosar)
Today's waterfowlers have a responsibility to recruit new hunters, especially youth, for the sake of our heritage and the resource. (Brent Gale)
It is important to keep proper hearing protection on kids in the blind at all times. Not only does this protect their hearing, but it can be a foundation for future safety fundamentals. (Shaun Golden)  
Research shows that the more interest children have in nature and the more time they spend outdoors at an early age, the more likely they are to become hunters later in life.  
Ultimately, maintaining participation in waterfowl hunting comes down to ensuring that future generations have the same opportunities we had to enjoy the rich, diverse traditions of the sport. 
Ducks Unlimited's Greenwing youth membership program has received a powerful endorsement from Boy Scouts of America (BSA). 
DU and BSA recently signed a memorandum of understanding in which the two organizations formally agreed to work together through special youth activities and events. 
Having a retriever provides another element of excitement for youth in the field, and it offers them the chance to witness the dog's hunting enthusiasm. (Justin Downs)
Kids not only enjoy their days in the field, but they also benefit from the camaraderie waterfowl hunting offers. 
A passion for waterfowl habitat and populations can never begin too early. 
Sometimes the excitement of a morning's hunt can be exhausting.

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