Ducks Unlimited Membership Drive

Help DU add 35,000 members this month!

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Strength in Numbers

For the last 75 years, Ducks Unlimited has relied on the generosity of our members and volunteers to become a powerful force in wetlands conservation. We owe our strength and many accomplishments to more than half a million members across North America. As we look to the next 75 years, DU members will continue to be key to our success.

Earlier this month, we announced the Ducks Unlimited Membership Drive. Our goal was to add 35,000 members during the month of June and we're almost there! In order to achieve this ambitious goal, however, we still need your help.

3 Ways You Can Help

  1. Join Ducks Unlimited
  2. Give a Gift Membership
  3. Sign up a Greenwing Member (Kids)

Membership Matters

Increasing our membership means we can work that much harder to face down the growing threats against waterfowl and the places they call home. It means we'll have an even stronger voice in Washington, D.C. And it means we can continue the fight to preserve our hunting heritage for our children and grandchildren.

But we can't do it without you. Thank you for helping us achieve this important goal!

Spread the Word

You can also help by sharing this page on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to raise awareness of our campaign. Visit DU's social media pages for updates.