Milwaukee School of Engineering Chapter

With an enrollment of just over 5,000 students, the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) does not show up on too many radar screens. A premier school for engineering, MSOE is very well-respected in higher education circles and is now on the DU radar screen as a remarkable Cinderella-story chapter in the 2009 Sweet 16 of DU College Chapters.

Give it the old college try

When the founding chairmen, Andrew Limmer and John Marschke, approached DU about forming a college chapter, DU was excited to have them join the ranks. However, Limmer's and Marschke's hopes of making the list of DU Magazine's Sweet 16 chapters were full of wishful optimism and met a dose of reality from DU Regional Director for eastern Wisconsin, Tom Munich, who wanted to keep hopes in check. MSOE is not in one of the power conferences like the Big 12, SEC, Pac 10 and Big 10. How could they possibly compete with these major players? Adding to the challenge was the fact that MSOE is an inner city school without a natural resource school from which to draw support. However, in true DU fashion, everyone was willing to give it the old college effort to see where it might lead.

Exceeding expectations

From the beginning, Limmer and Marschke were optimistic about their goal to contend for a spot on the coveted Sweet 16 list. They displayed their dedication by building a committee from the ground up and leading this committee with purpose. After several meetings with the committee, it became evident that this was not an overzealous pursuit. MSOE hosted its first DU event in 2009. The format was a Sportsman's Night Out, and the goals were to have 200 attendees and to qualify for the Sweet 16 list. After all was said and done, Munich was singing a different tune.

"When all the dust settled, not only did this group of engineering students reach their goals of drawing 200 attendees and qualifying for the Sweet 16, but they did it with class and also qualified as a Presidents Citation Committee for 2009," said Munich.