Middle Peninsula, Virginia, Chapter

The Middle Peninsula Chapter was once declining, but reorganized in 1999 and has continued its efforts year in and year out. The chapter's twelve-man roster is dedicated and committed to DU's mission, and it has high hopes for the years ahead.

"The key to success is talking and communicating what a dollar does for the ducks," said Chairman Cheslie Smith. "Getting the word out seems to be general focus for the Middle Peninsula Chapter. Talking it up, advertising, radio broadcast and newspapers articles are the keys to getting the people to attend," Smith explained. "We try to provide something for everyone at our events."

The Middle Peninsula Chapter brings the normal feel to their banquet, but also adds the local touch which they say entices someone who normally wouldn't attend.

Teamwork among the members is what continues to push this chapter into the years ahead. Smith recognized Tom Phillips, Jeremy Fox, John Tewksbury, Sam Hicks, Chuck Ashe, Walter Priest, Matt Hogge, Chris Hager, Jeff Samona, Barbara Priest, Karla Samona and Penny Smith for their dedication to making the Middle Peninsula DU Chapter succeed.


Chairman: Cheslie Smith