Mexia, Texas, DU Chapter

"We have a great committee," explains Ivan Jackson, Mexia Chapter chairman. "It is made up of a very diverse group of people who manage to get the job done."

The Mexia Chapter holds an event in a town with no more than 6,500 people and still manages to pack 625 people in to their event. Focused on raising money for habitat conservation, the Mexia Chapter emphasizes having a great time at all their events.

"It's a huge social event around here and everyone likes to come and have a good time," he says. "We tend to sell a lot of corporate tables and we are definitely after the number-one spot in the state."

The Mexia Chapter is well on its way to the top after being named among the Presidential Top 100 Chapters throughout the nation.

"Mexia duck hunters know what DU does for them," says Yazoo Thomas, regional director in Texas. "They know if they support the organization the organization is going to support them with sound science and effective, proven conservation work on the breeding grounds that sends us our ducks every year and also right here in Texas. Nobody but DU cares enough to support Texas ducks hunters in that manner."