Marion, Arkansas, Chapter

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District Chairman Mike Morrison says the recipe for success in his chapter is a combination of knowledgeable people and their intense dedication.

"Pre-selling tickets has been the greatest thing we've done," says Morrison. "We try incorporating the entire family with our banquets. We strive to make sure that not only do the raffles appeal to the men, we offer ladies-only and kid raffle items as well."

Sponsor and corporate tables are also a priority in the eyes of Marion chapter members, and they encourage other chapters to reach out to local companies for sponsorship.

Morrison, who originally was not a waterfowl hunter, says the gratitude, camaraderie and companionship that he has gained by being both a volunteer and a committee member of a DU chapter will remain with him forever. He extends his heartfelt thanks to Irwin Burton (current chairman, co-chairman last year) and his wife Melinda (banquet secretary and "back bone" of the chapter) for their continued efforts to ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly.

"The friends and knowledgeable people that I have met cannot be replaced," says Morrison.

Morrison says the Marion chapter is looking forward to another exciting and eventful year. The chapter hopes to plan a Waterfowl Hunters Party at the beginning of the season, as well as a fund-raising golf tournament later in the year. They hope to earn another Presidential Citation Award in 2008.


District Chairman: Mike Morrison (2007 chapter chairman)
Chapter Chairman: Irwin Burton (2007 co-chairman


2007 Gold, 2006 Silver and 2005 Presidential Citation Award Winners

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