Hockomock, Taunton, Massachusetts

Hockomock Chapter maintained a positive DU attitude in the face of adversity a few years ago and it's reflecting in their chapter's success. A few years ago, the Hockomock chapter nearly fell apart as new leadership was appointed and members left the committee. As a result, only four members were left to carry on the fund-raising efforts. In the years prior, Hockomock had donated only small amounts of revenue, and the year prior, a net/net of $2,786 with only one bronze sponsor. The four remaining individuals, Co-Chairmen Allin Frawley and Kevin Collins, along with committee members Peter Duarte and Bill Lyons, took an oath to double their committee size as well as their overall fund-raising success. That year, they raised an outstanding $11,500, had eight bronze sponsors and earned a Presidential Citation Award. They had the largest net/net growth in the state of Massachusetts as well as the largest member increase for a dinner event. They grew to only seven committee members, but in 2007 they improved further by raising an outstanding $17,243 with 24 bronze sponsors and their first-ever Life Sponsor at Hockomock.

The Hockomock Chapter put on the state's first Waterfowl Hunters Party and has now increased its committee size to 24 members. In the past two years, they have gone from 26th in Massachusetts to 4th this year in overall net/net revenue. They are the only chapter in Massachusetts right now to go for the Gold Presidential Banner.This year, they are holding seven events in the hopes that the new members from extra events will assist in their dinner banquet goals.

"I'm proud of the committee and their efforts. We started out as a group of individuals who shared a common goal for the ducks, but now have become a large family, and we're still growing," said local Publicity Chairman Bill Lyons. "The excitement and enthusiasm is really showing here in the Hockomock DU area, and I love it. Hockomock is going for Gold this year and there's no doubt in my mind that we're going to achieve it."


Co-Chairmen: Allin Frawley, Kevin Collins

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