Galveston, Texas, Chapter

With the sheer devastation Hurricane Ike left in its wake, most believed it would be years before Galveston, Texas, would return to its former glory. This was not the mindset of Rusty Legg, chairman of the Ducks Unlimited Galveston Chapter. Legg, a longtime DU volunteer and committee member since 1975, understood that Galvestonians were resilient, and he rallied his members, giving the city something to look forward to from this 39-year-old DU chapter.

"I put in a call to some of the old guys who had served on the committee in the past to help revitalize our chapter," Legg said. This effort was just what the chapter needed to begin its rebound.

"I believed Galveston would not see a DU event for years the first time I drove back out on the island after Ike," said Tim Soderquist, regional director for southeast Texas. "Seven months later, despite the 80-100-hour work weeks residents were putting in to repair damaged and destroyed businesses on the island, the Galveston Chapter was hosting a dinner that brought in twice the attendees from the previous year."

The committee, volunteers and regional director all agree that teamwork, great auction items and a passion for conserving waterfowl and wildlife habitat are the vital parts of a strong and successful banquet.

The Galveston Chapter's efforts and commitment prevailed desite the water-soaked status of their city. "All DU volunteers on Galveston Island make me proud to be their regional director," said Soderquist.