Chapter Spotlight: Fort Bragg, California Chapter

© Michael Furtman

Great things sometimes come in small packages. The Fort Bragg, California, DU chapter is a case in point. Despite its small size, this remote lumber and fishing community, located on California's rocky coastline about 165 miles northwest of San Francisco, has been churning out impressive DU events for the past 30 years.

Since its inception, the Fort Bragg chapter has been guided by two remarkable DU volunteers, District Chairman Gary Roussan and Area Chairmen Greg Petersen. Welcoming around 100 event attendees per year, these two gentlemen, along with other volunteers on their committee, have grossed an estimated $800,000 for DU. In addition, this chapter has maintained an average fundraising efficiency ratio of nearly 78 percent over the past 10 years.

"The Fort Bragg committee is a very cohesive group," said Jim Giampaolo, DU's regional director in northern California. "Each volunteer is a longtime member. Their uninterrupted dedication and commitment to the DU mission for the past 30 years is remarkable. They are truly a pleasure to work with, and I feel lucky to be their regional director."