Into the Vault: Coming November 23, 2020

Not unlike what happened in homes across the country during the spring and summer quarantine, Ducks Unlimited staff found time to clean out some closets, take stock in what they had on hand and make decisions on what to do with it. DU's clean out will be a treat for the public when Into the Vault, the organization's first-ever national online auction, launches on Monday, November 23. 

With more than 350 items valued at more than $1 million, it will also be the most valuable auction the organization has ever hosted.

Categories include firearms, original and reproduction artwork, DU collectables, extensive offerings of Federal, First-of-State and First-of-Nation stamp and prints, bronzes, trips, decoys and a Terry Redlin art. 

Into the Vault will be open for bids from November 23 to December 5, with purchases shipping immediately in time for pre-Christmas delivery.