DU Scholarship Application

You must have all required documents listed on the previous page to complete your application. Failing to have all documents will require you to start your application over as your progress will not be saved. Applications will be reviewed by an appointed volunteer selection committee and all recipients will be notified on or around April 15, 2019.

DU Scholarship Application

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ducks="" unlimited="" information<="" h3><="" c-text-singleline="" c-field="" c-col-1="" c-sml-col-1="" c-span-12="" c-sml-span-12="" c-required"="" >du="" member="" id="" #<="" label><="" >du="" #="" is="" required.<="" >are="" you="" a="" dependent="" of="" ducks="" employee?<="" legend>yes<="" label>no<="" ><="" div>employee's="" &="" relationship<="" span>essay:="" describe="" in="" 500="" words="" or="" less="" how="" your="" outdoor="" experiences="" have="" contributed="" to="" understanding="" the="" importance="" wetlands="" and="" conservation,="" ways="" which="" acted="" intend="" act="" on="" this="" knowledge.<="" data-allowed-types="pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,csv,txt,rtf,html,zip,mp3,wma,mpg,flv,avi,jpg,jpeg,png,gif" data-max-file-count="1" data-max-file-size="5" >="" upload<="" button>or="" drag="" files="" here.<="" span>="" <="" div>="" knowledge.="" >if="" are="" an="" active="" volunteer="" committee="" at="" school="" community,="" please="" du="" chapter(s).<="" >

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all="" applications="" will="" be="" reviewed="" by="" our="" appointed="" volunteer="" selection="" committee="" and="" winners="" notified="" on="" or="" around="" april="" 15,="" 2019.<=""

for="" questions="" about="" submission="" please="" contact="" logan="" nevins="" at="" 901-758-3894,="" lnevins@ducks.org<="" a>="" mark="" horobetz="" 901-758-3892,="" >mhorobetz@ducks.org<="" a><=""

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