GPRO Engineering Structures

Below are some examples of the engineered structures used in Ducks Unlimited's wetland restoration and mitigation efforts in the Great Plains Region. Visit the completed projects page to view information about specific conservation projects. If you would like more information about engineering projects or mitigation opportunities, contact the GPRO at 701-355-3500.


Three- sided steel sheet pile weir

  Box culvert with stop logs and fish barrier
  Corrugated metal pipe riser and outlet barrel   Concrete riser with stoplogs
  Fish barrier on box culvert bridge   Modified concrete box weir
  Perforated PVC pipe   Steel Sheet Pile Weir





















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Coon Creek, Wildlife Management Area

Lyon County, MN

Three-sided steel sheet pile weir

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Noordmans, Wildlife Management Area

Pope County, MN



Box culvert with stoplogs upstream and fish barrier downstream

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Emmrich Property

Daulk County, SD

Corrugated metal pipe riser and outlet barrel

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Doney Lake

Powell County, MT

Concrete riser with stop logs

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Geneva Lake

Freeborn County, MN

Fish barrier on downstream side of box culvert bridge

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Little Elk, Wildlife Management Area

Morrison County, MN

Modified Concrete Box Weir

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Diamond Lake, Wildlife Management Area

Dickinson County, IA

Perforated PVC pipe installation for water management

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Bisson Lake, Hamden Slough National Wildlife Refuge

Becker County, MN

Steel sheet pile weir

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