DU's Bakken research in the PPR

DU monitoring waterfowl production in the area

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The Bakken Formation overlaps 15 percent of the United States portion of the Prairie Pothole Region. This overlapped area may provide breeding habitat for more than 25 percent, or 1 million, of the duck pairs using the Dakotas and eastern Montana.

Ducks Unlimited is studying duck pairs and broods in the PPR area of the Bakken to see if waterfowl production is affected by changes in the area. Ducks are sensitive to habitat loss and disturbances by people.

Prior to this research, no studies had been conducted on the impacts of energy development on waterfowl in this region. Ducks Unlimited and its partners will use the results to plan waterfowl habitat conservation.  

Recent Updates: Bakken team moving forward with brood survey

Partners in this project are:
•    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Habitat and Population Evaluation Team Region 6
•    North Dakota Game and Fish
•    Prairie Pothole Joint Venture
•    Central Flyway Council
•    Ecofootprint Grant Program and the Minnesota Association of Resource Conservation and Development Council.

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