DU & UND Duck Nest Cam: Hen Prepares Nest for Recess

Nesting waterfowl are known to take several ‘recesses' or breaks from incubating their eggs each day. During these recesses they replenish their own energy supply at a nearby wetland. This mallard hen is preparing to leave her nest for a mid-morning recess. She is covering her eggs up with grass to help disguise them from passing predators and aid them in thermoregulation during her absence.

Clips are from University of North Dakota field cameras placed on duck nests at a Ducks Unlimited property in central North Dakota. DU is collaborating with UND on the nest cams project to study the habits of blue-winged teal. To view the full videos, go to UND's Wildlife@Home website and see how you can participate in this citizen science project. Discover other DU research projects at www.ducks.org/pprresearch.