DU & UND Duck Nest Cam: Hen Leads Ducklings Away From Nest

After over 30 days of laying and caring for her eggs, this blue-winged teal hen is finally leading her brood off the nest. Together, they might travel several kilometers before reaching a wetland that the hen deems acceptable for rearing her young. While there is still have much to learn about habitat selection for brood-rearing, hens tend to select wetlands with abundant food to help their broods grow strong enough for the fall migration.

Clips are from University of North Dakota field cameras placed on duck nests at a Ducks Unlimited property in central North Dakota. DU is collaborating with UND on the nest cams project to study the habits of blue-winged teal. To view the full videos, go to UND's Wildlife@Home website and see how you can participate in this citizen science project. Discover other DU research projects at www.ducks.org/pprresearch.