Great Lakes/Atlantic Region

The Great Lakes/Atlantic Region restores and protects diminishing wetlands in 21 states, from Minnesota to Maine and south to Kentucky.

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The Great Lakes/Atlantic Region office (GLAR), is located outside Ann Arbor, Michigan and was established in 1998 to provide comprehensive conservation solutions to help restore and protect diminishing wetlands in 21 states, from Minnesota to Missouri, Maryland north to Maine.

Historic wetland loss, conversion of lands for development, water quality problems and an expanding human population are the greatest challenges that face this region. Ducks Unlimited is dedicated to reversing the trends of wetland habitat losses, restoring and protecting habitats, educating conservation values and making the Great Lakes/Atlantic region a better place for breeding, migrating and wintering waterfowl.

Ducks Unlimited activities in the region follow the International Conservation Plan, a comprehensive road map that identifies waterfowl habitat areas and priorities. In addition to abundant natural resources the region holds 45 percent of Ducks Unlimited members and accounts for 41 percent of major sponsor and 50 percent of the philanthropic dollars raised nationally.

The Great Lakes/Atlantic Region office harnesses these resources, working with partners, positively affecting waterfowl, wildlife and the quality of life for people. To learn more about GLARO's conservation projects in your state, please visit our Projects by State page.


Great Lakes/Atlantic Region Office

7322 Newman Blvd.
Building 1
Dexter, MI 48130
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Director of Operations: Jamie Rader

Communications/Media: Joe Genzel (309) 453-0979

Director of Conservation Planning: John Coluccy

Director of Engineering Services: Michael Baker

Director of Public Policy: Kyle Rorah