POSTPONED: The Denver Original's Luau

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Time & Location

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Wellshire Event Center 3333 S. Colorado Blvd
Denver, Colorado

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public2020-06-18 18:00:002020-06-18 21:30:00America/DenverPOSTPONED: The Denver Original's LuauDucks Unlimited EventWellshire Event Center 3333 S. Colorado BlvdWalker Nelsonwalkernelson7292@gmail.comDucksUnlimitedEvent.ics

Ticket Information
Ticketing is currently offline for maintenance. Please check back soon.


You can donate to the event if you are unable to attend.

Contact Information

Walker Nelson
(217) 299 - 4894

Alex Sullivan
(719) 442 - 6304

More Information

Due to COVID-19 and CDC recommendations, this event has been postponed until August 20th, 2020, all registrations purchased will be applied to the August event including pre-purchase discounts.


We will proceed with our "Winner's Choice" pre-event raffle as planned!  Since winner's don't need to be present, you can still participate without leaving your home!

Here are the details on our "winner's Choice" pre-event raffle:

For tickets contact Cole Poland (303-564-2272) or any other committee member. 

Finally, if you have pre-registered for our June event your registration will automatically be carried-forward to our August 20th event and no action is required. 


All proceeds from this event are used for wetland and open space conservation via Ducks Unlimited.  Please join us to support DU and wetlands conservation and please pass the word to your friends who would like to attend this great DU event.