Northern Coast, Central Coast and Eastern Sierra Regions

Ducks Unlimited's conservation projects in California are prioritized based on waterfowl use, wetland acreage and the role of a potential project in relation to the Pacific Flyway. The majority of projects in California are located where these variables are highest: the Central Valley, San Francisco Bay and northeastern California. However, other regions of the state have relatively isolated areas that are still important for waterfowl, and Ducks Unlimited also has projects there.

Along the northern coast, Humboldt Bay is a very important waterfowl area, hosting many waterfowl migrating up and down the Pacific Coast. Also, Aleutian geese frequent this area during migration, and their populations have recovered to the point that they are now causing crop damage.

The Monterrey Bay is the most important waterfowl area along the central coast, and Elkhorn Slough has most of the region's wetlands and Ducks Unlimited projects. Wetlands of the eastern Sierra were once part of the intermountain flyway, from the Great Salt Lake to the Colorado River delta, but water is now dominated by urban uses, and the wetlands are mostly gone. Waterfowl still use this flyway, and Ducks Unlimited continues to restore habitat in this area.

Northern Coast, Central Coast and Eastern Sierra Projects

Including the northern coast, eastern Sierra and Monterrey Bay

 Little Lake Project