Napa Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area (CDFG): Ringstrom Bay Unit

The Ringstrom Bay Unit subproject of the San Pablo Bay NAWCA Project enhanced 313 acres of palustrine emergent wetlands through grading and improved water control. This wetland enhancement project provides critical habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds and other wildlife in the San Pablo Bay area.

DU conducted a topographic survey in 2000 through funds provided from Department of Fish and Game Duck Stamp and DU grassroots funds. Additional construction planning activities included a wetland delineation, engineering design and acquisition of permits from US Army Corps of Engineers and Regional Water Quality Control Board. Materials for the water control structures were acquired and a contractor was hired during the summer of 2004. The work was completed during the 2004 construction season.

Working in wet conditions is just a standard part of a DU project.

Project activities included the replacement of degraded water control structures, construction of impoundment levees, installation of additional water control structures, contouring of pond bottoms to increase habitat diversity and improve drainage, and improvement of perimeter levees to guarantee palustrine wetland habitat availability. Due to unexpected delays and increased project costs, an additional project partner, California Coastal Conservancy, provided funding to ensure project completion.

The finished Ringstrom Bay Unit project.