Kern National Wildlife Refuge: Poso Creek-Goose Lake Canal

Wetland water management at the Kern National Wildlife Refuge is complicated and difficult. Hot, dry summers, a limited water supply, deteriorating infrastructure and other factors all limit wetlands water management. Ducks Unlimited has been working with the refuge for the last decade to improve habitat conditions by improving water management infrastructure. The Poso Creek-Goose Lake Canal project was completed in 2002 and is just one of several recently completed projects that benefit habitat, water management and hunting at Kern National Wildlife Refuge.

The Poso Creek-Goose Lake Canal is the main water supply for the Kern National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). The El Nino floods of 1998 severely damaged roads, levees and water control structures along this canal. The damage also limited the refuge from receiving its full allotment of Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA) water. As a result, habitat management capabilities throughout the refuge became critically limited. This project allowed the refuge to handle its full allotment and future flood flows in order to manage wetlands and waterfowl habitat on 6,500 acres of the refuge.

A completed canal water control and crossing structure.

The project included a variety of components that were designed by DU conservation staff, such as the dredging and cleaning of 1,300 feet of the canal to provide adequate water flows, the installation of new siphon pipes under crossings, the replacement and upgrading of four water control structures servicing the canal, the improvement and expansion of the main canal siphon and headwall and the installation of multiple screw gates on structures for complete water control.

Installation of the canal's main siphon structure.