Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, Phase V

The summer of 206 marked Ducks Unlimited's 5th year of work rehabilitating the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area's entire water delivery system. DU has been working for the last several years with the Wildlife Conservation Board, North American Wetland Conservation Act (NAWCA) and Gray Lodge staff to improve water management on the entire 9,200 acre Wildlife Area. This multi-phased project makes DU the only wetland and waterfowl conservation organization implementing habitat improvement projects on the Gray Lodge Wildlife Area.

The old water delivery system. Extensive earthwork during construction.

Construction activities for Phase 5 improved water conveyance capabilities to nearly 600 acres on the west side of the hunting area. Spring rains delayed earth moving, but construction was completed on schedule. This project complemented another DU's $1 million Phase 4 work on the east side of the hunt area that was finished in fall 2004. Both of these DU projects are open to public waterfowl hunting. Gray Lodge Wildlife Area, call by some as the "jewel of the Pacific Flyway", fits perfectly in the DU wetland crown. Enjoy and appreciate these and over 250 other completed DU projects on California's public refuges this fall when you're out in the marsh!

The finished water delivery system.  Gray Lodge - "Jewel of the Pacific Flyway."

California alone has lost more than 95% of its original wetlands and continues to lose more each year. Ducks Unlimited projects, such as at Gray Lodge, not only increase wetlands and provide additional hunting opportunities, but ensure a lasting waterfowl legacy for future generations to enjoy. With more than a million supporters, Ducks Unlimited is the world's largest wetlands and waterfowl conservation organization.

Phase 1 in solid blue, Phase 2 in green and brown, Phase 3 in yellow, Phase 4 in dashed blue, Phase 5 work is in purple.