Become a Volunteer


Alaskan's who volunteer their time to DU are helping to ensure a cleaner environment and more plentiful wildlife for future generations. Please consider helping out one of our chapters with their fundraising banquet. You'll meet some great new friends and will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your work has made a difference. DU committees typically meet once per week for 8-10 weeks each
year. A few hours of your time can result in many acres of improved wildlife habitat.

  • We need people who can sell raffle tickets.
  • We need people who can solicit prizes.
  • We need people who can design creative brochures.
  • We need people who are good with computers.
  • We need people who can sell event tickets.
  • We need people who are good with finances.
  • We need people who are good at writing.
  • We need people who can stuff an envelope.
  • We need people who can explain our conservation story.
  • We need people who can add life to a party.

Whatever your talents, DU needs you!

For more information please email Alaska Ducks Unlimited-

Volunteer Roots

Everyone knows that volunteers are the key to DU's success. This makes a successful volunteer recruitment program vital to the ability of DU to continue its goals. While DU gains strength and continuity from the continued support of established committee members; new committee members have enthusiasm and new ideas that can help rekindle the flame of excitement in your next event. Imagine the DU committee like an oak tree. The area chairman is the trunk and the taproot; the main supporting structure of the DU chapter tree. DU state officers, district and zone chairmen, national volunteer officers and staff are the soil that supports these volunteer root systems. The nutrients for this system are the DU members who support our organization by attending our events and contributing their dollars to our raffles, auctions, and other various membership levels.

The Combination of all these people stimulate the DU tree to flourish and grow. Branches are the money raised at these DU events. The leaves are the habitat we create for waterfowl and other wildlife. Our DU tree produces waterfowl and other wildlife, much like the oak tree produces acorns.

As the root system grows so does the top. If the root system begins to diminish, so do the branches, leaves and acorns. Roots are lost and not replaced; fewer nutrients are taken in. The tree struggles to survive. See the connection? Without adequate number of volunteers in a community, the DU root system withers and dies, and the tree top follows. NO wetlands, uplands, waterfowl or wildlife is generated from that tree.

This is a detailed analogy with a simple solution. A DU chapter cannot achieve maximum top growth without a network of healthy volunteer roots. More roots, more tops, more acorns. DU has the habitat for these committee trees to be planted on. We just need seedlings with a good root system. Okay, enough with the trees. What can you and your committee do to help recruit new volunteers? Here are some ideas on how to recruit new volunteers.

1. Ask someone you know. That way they are with friends. Give them a specific job make sure they understand how to do it and why it is important. Training
volunteers to do the job the right way helps improve success.

2. Make sure their tasks are not too big. New volunteers are easily intimated by
jobs that seem insurmountable.

3. Build excitement about what DU does. Remind them that for every $200 raised,
an acre of wetlands habitat is returned to the map.

4. Fit the job to the volunteer. Sometimes it is easier to recruit people for specific
tasks. Find out what your volunteers like to do and do well-than ask them to do
it for DU.

5. Everyone likes success. Make sure to give volunteers an easy win. This will
encourage them to help again in the future.

6. Use the buddy system. Match a new recruit with an enthusiastic go-getter
already on the committee.

7. Make sure the volunteer's job is never a thankless one. As a committee
celebrate your success with a committee wrap up meeting so every member
knows how well you did.

Don't let the tree DIE. If it has died in your community, help us plant a new one.
If you or someone you know would like to step forward and help get a dinner started in your area please call your area Regional Director Jim King at 907-357-8580 or email him at

Thank you and lets DO IT FOR THE DUCKS