Website Access & Support FAQs

What is My DU and how do I signup?

Answer:  My DU is your personal portal to the hunting, conservation and local DU information that you care about the most. Learn how it works. If you would like to create a My DU account, click here.

*Note: If you have a member login from the previous website, you may enter it here to access your My DU account. Visit the My DU FAQ page for more details.

My DU login and ID number will not work in the My DU Section. What do I do?

Answer: Your membership may have expired, or your renewal/ first membership may have not been processed yet. To check on your membership status, call 1-800-45-DUCKS.

Your ID may not work due to a misspelling or spacing. Please phone 1-800-45-DUCKS for the exact login.

Click here for help locating your Member ID.

How do I subscribe to your free on-line newsletter?

Answer: It's easy! To subscribe to our newsletter, fill out your name, email and member ID if applicable on the following subscription page, click here!

How do I access my state's official Ducks Unlimited web site?

Answer: Use the dropdown box on the top of this page to jump to your state's website. Please note that each state is managed by volunteer state webmasters. Click on your state to find contact information for questions you have regarding your state site's content.

Are the e-commerce areas of your site secure?

Answer: All credit card information is protected and secured by E-Commerce software. This software utilizes Verisign systems of encryption, which conforms to the latest Internet security standards. All transaction details are further protected by our ISP's certified firewall.

Will DU link to my website?

Answer: We only link to external sites if they are corporate partners or official licensees, or if they are directly related to content on our site, such as a press release, product review or magazine article.

May we link to DU on our site?

Answer: We appreciate the support and promotion! We do allow people to link to us from their sites. There is no charge. All content on is owned and under copyright by Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

How do I get my DU event posted on the website?

Answer: Each state has staff and volunteers who are responsible for posting events to your state event section. You can find contact information for each state by using the drop down box at the top of this page and then clicking on the "State Contacts" menu option.