Public Policy FAQs

How does DU decide which legislative policies and programs to get involved with?

Answer: We learn of issues from volunteers, staff, and non-members. When a new issue arises, it is brought to the attention of our national president and senior staff. They compare it to our mission statement to see how it fits with achieving our organizational goals. Then, in consultation with other senior volunteers and staff, the president charts our course of action. The president often seeks advice from DU's Public Policy Subcommittee, composed of volunteers, before determining our course.

How do the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) work?

Answer: For information on CRP and WRP please Click Here for CRP and Click Here for WRP.

Does DU cooperate with other governmental and non-profit organizations?

Answer: Yes, DU has always been willing to cooperate with any other organization that shares our habitat mission. However, DU does not make financial donations to other conservation groups. We do enter into contractual relationships with other organizations when we share a common habitat objective on a particular piece of land. These contractual relationships are business agreements designed to take advantage of the expertise or financial contributions of another group on a project that will benefit North America's waterfowl.

Need more information? Email the DU Governmental Affairs office at. . .

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