Give Blood Today

A message from Rogers Hoyt, DU President

In these trying and uncertain times we are all finding new ways to stay connected, productive and motivated. For those of us who now work from home, we're learning how to use new communications tools and have re-familiarized ourselves with proper conference call etiquette. 

But while some of us are lucky enough to work from home, others are working on the front lines of this battle against COVID-19, helping keep our communities as safe and healthy as possible and doing their best to ensure the rest of us can hit the ground running when our shelter-in-place restrictions are finally removed. 

And it's in these trying times that we step up and support each other in our local communities. We help neighbors who might not be in as good of health as we are. Or maybe we pick up some items for a friend who's immunocompromised, so they won't have to take unnecessary risks by going to the grocery store. We see uplifting stories across social media every day as Americans come together to help each other. 

That's why I'm asking you today, as the President of one of the greatest volunteer armies in the nation, to support your local communities any way you can. There is an urgent need for blood donations, and donation centers in each community are following specific guidelines to ensure the health and safety of their donors. Right now is a great time to give, so check local listings for a blood donation service in your area and make an appointment today. Although there are many great local and regional donation services, here are two links to also consider as options: 

American Red Cross: 

Many DU volunteers, members and supporters work in the medical profession, and all are tasked with being on the front lines of this pandemic. You support DU with your time, talent and treasure – let's extend that amazing energy to include the needs of our local communities as well.

Thank you for your support of DU – and of your communities, friends and neighbors – during this time of great need. 


Rogers Hoyt Jr. 
DU President