Nevada Conservation Projects

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The quality of life for residents of Nevada is dependent on the state's natural resources. Silver and gold may drive the economy, but in the nation's driest state, water is the most precious resource of all. Like many of Nevada's natural resources, when water is present it is abundant. From the Carson Sinks to the Ruby Valley, water is the life blood of Nevada's Great Basin waterfowl habitats.

Based strictly on numbers, waterfowl use Nevada primarily as a wintering ground. However, the importance of areas such as the Ruby Valley for waterfowl production, particularly canvasbacks and other diving ducks, should not be understated. Western Nevada wetlands, like those in the Lahontan Valley, are also important during spring and fall migration as stopovers for thousands of waterfowl.

Ducks Unlimited's conservation focus in Nevada is to restore and enhance the state's limited amount of wetlands so they can adequately support waterfowl at the appropriate time of year. We do this by ensuring efficient use of limited water supplies as part of every Ducks Unlimited project in Nevada.

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