Kansas Conservation Projects

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Kansas is a state of great opportunity for wetlands, wildlife, and the people who benefit from these important resources. However, Kansas has lost almost half of its original wetlands. Only 435,000 of the state's original 840,000 acres remain, and most of those acres are privately owned. Kansas ranks 49th in the nation in the amount of publicly owned land, with only 2 percent of the Sunflower State available for all to enjoy. Kansas has great opportunities to increase lands in public ownership, and restore them to wetlands and other wildlife habitat for the citizens of the Sunflower State.

Ducks Unlimited and the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks have a long history of conservation success in land acquisition and wetlands restoration. Today, we have an opportunity to further our cause with important wetland projects throughout the Sunflower State. We ask you, as a steward of the land and its wildlife resources, to help us meet these grand opportunities to protect and restore wetlands for years to come.

View the 2020 Kansas state conservation report. 
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