Idaho Conservation Projects

Idaho is a state of contrasts. The 14,000-foot Mt. Borah towers skyward while Lewiston harbors an ocean going seaport. The sun-blasted craters of the Moon Monument is a stark contrast to the lush forests of Sandpoint. The irrigation districts of the Snake River Plain and Great Basin habitats seem a world away from the drainage districts of the Kootenai Valley and Northern Rockies.

Throughout this varied landscape waterfowl flourish. Redheads, mallards, Canada geese, some goldeneyes, and a few harlequins all find a place to reproduce here. Snow geese, trumpeter swans, pintails and many other common and uncommon waterfowl species use this state during other parts of the year. They all do so in a landscape with scarce water supplies dedicated to wildlife, aging infrastructure and an expanding human population.

Ducks Unlimited's conservation programs in Idaho are focused on providing areas for waterfowl migration, wintering and reproduction. Our projects rehabilitate degraded infrastructure on public lands, restore habitat on private lands and help keep Idaho's waterfowl habitat plentiful and in high quality.

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