Federal Duck Stamp

Learn about the importance of the federal duck stamp

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The Federal Duck Stamp continues to be a success story for conservation. Since 1934, sales of the Federal Duck Stamp have conserved more than 6 million acres of waterfowl habitat across the country.

However, the buying power of the stamp has not kept pace with inflation. The price of the stamp was last raised in 1991 to $15. In the meantime land prices have skyrocketed, and the acreage that funds from the stamp have been decreasing. In the prairie breeding grounds, land values have more than tripled just since 1998—in Minnesota land values have increased from $400 an acre to more than $1400 an acre.

 In 2014, the price of the Federal Duck Stamp was raised from $15 to $25. “President Obama signs into law the first  price increase for the Federal Duck Stamp in more than 20 years. Bringing the cost of a Duck Stamp to $25 beginning in 2015-2016, the price increase ensures that funds will be available to protect an estimated 17,000 additional acres of habitat every year.” To read more click here.

Ducks Unlimited supports this effort to ensure that the investment that waterfowl hunter have made into protective waterfowl habitat over the last 80 years is not wasted, and to continue the conservation tradition of the Duck Stamp.


Learn about the Federal Duck Stamp