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2014 Wyoming - Black Hills DU Gun Calendar Raffle Winners

Weekly winners for the 2014 Wyoming - Black Hills DU Gun Calendar Raffle

"Month" guns drawn on 1st of month, "Weekly" drawings are on Thursdays, starting with first Thurs in the month.

January "Month" gun, Jeff Thelan, Laramie Ch.
Week 1:  Godon Herring - Casper.              Week 2:  Van Reynolds - Bear River DU
Week 3:  Scott Bassinger - Gillette             Week 4:  Colton Kraft - Green River
Week 5:  Joseph Parsell - Casper NC

Feb Month Gun:  Joshua Rosenberger - Green River    
Week 6:   Howard Mortimore - Baggs           Week 7:  Clayton Bentley - Casper
Week 8:   Dalton Clevenger - Green River      Week 9:  Pat Carpenter - Casper

March Month Gun:  Tracy Ammann - Riverton
Week 10:  Al Brackett - Gillette                    Week 11:  Zack Weber - Baggs
Week 12:  Scott Buckley - Weston Co          Week 13:  Steve Hamilton - Riverton

April Month Gun Winner: Remington Versamax 3.5" Semi Auto .12 is Jared Powell, sold to by Riverton DU.
Week 14:  Scott Lapp -  Rock Springs            Week 15:  Scott Johnson - Weston County DU
Week 16:  B K Killion - Casper HS Comm.      Week 17:  Nate Foss - Cambell County DU

May Month Gun Winner:  William Pate-Riverton DU.  He wins a Browning BLR White Gold Medallion 300 WSM!
Week 18:  Michael Colgan - Cheynne DU                 Week 19:  Gary Lawrence - Weston Co DU
Week 20 Winner:  Urbano Amado - Glenrock DU      Week 21:  Scott Mayland - Riverton DU
Week 22 Winner:  Russ Kilmer - Torrington DU

June Month Gun Winner:  Jim Shoult - Gillette DU:    Winner of a Browing BAR Mark II Safari 7mm Rem Mag!
Week 23 Winner: Rex McNay - Gillette DU                Week 24 Winner:  KC Lahaye - Glenrock DU 
Week 25 Winner:  Kathy Kurek - Bear River DU         Week 26 Winner:  Ernest Bailey - Gillette DU 

JULY Month Gun Winner:  Bart Anderson - Torrington DU!  Winner of a Browning Maxus 12 gu in Duck Blind Camo!
July 3rd Gun Winner:  Chad Dean - Sold to by Bear River DU.  Winner of a Ruger Hawkeye 7mm-08 bolt rifle
July 10th Winner:  Troy Marble - Bear River DU.  Winner of a Ruger American .270!
July 17th Winner:  Dust Busters, INC - Bear River DU:  Winner of a Ruger LCP. 380 Auto Pistol
July 24th Winner:  Mark Lungren -Sweetwater DU!:  Winner of a Ruger LCP .380 Auto!.
July 31 Winner:  Kenny Oldham - Bear River DU:  Winner of a Ruger 10/22 Stainless .22LR Rifle

August Month Gun Winner:  Gloria Claytor.  Winner of a Browning Gold Infinity Camo 10 guage!
Aug 7 Winner:  John Danielson - Gillette DU.  Winner of  Taurus Judge Public Defender!
Aug 14 Winner:  Ricky Renney - Sweetwater DU.  Winner of a Taurus TCP .380 ACP!.
Aug 21 Winner:  Rick Hutchinson - Weston County DU  Winner of a Taurus 809 9mm Stainless Pistol
Aug 28 Winner:  Richard Haumier - Riverton DU:  Winner of a Taurus 405 Stainless .40 Cal Revolver!

New Calenders available now, use the form on the back of your current one, to pre-order for 2015!!!  Contact your Committee to purchase.  3 Extra guns added, for purchases before Nov 30!

Sept Month Gun Winner:  Kyle Sheen - Laramie DU!  He wins a Kimber 1911 45 ACP with Laser grip! 
Sept 4th Winner:  Miquel Anaya - Torrington DU  He wins a Sip P290, 9MM Pistol with laser!
Sept 11th Winner:  Debby Tippy - Sweetwater DU.  Winner of a Sig 1911 Dark Earth .22 auto pistol!
Sept 17th Winner:  Kevin Espinoza - Glenrock DU.  Winner of a Sig 250 Sub compact .45 Cal Auto Pistol!
Sept 24th Winner:  Lori Yates - Cody DU:  Winner of a Sig Mosquito Bi=Tone .22 pistol.

October Month Gun Winner:  Ronald Smith - Sweetwater DU.  Winner of a Winchester SX3 New Blades Camo 12 GU 3.5 shotgun!
Oct 2 Winner:  Travis Hiser - Glenrock DU.  Winner of a DPMS Panter, bull nose .223!
Oct 9th Winner:  Butch Killion - Casper DU.  Winner of a winchester SX3 Camo 12 Guage Auto shotgun!
Oct 16th Winner:  Paul Bau - Weston Co.  Winner of a Winchester SXP 3 3.5 In 12 Guage, Camo Pump Shotgun!
Oct 23rd Winner:  Janell Morehouse - Laramie DU.  Winner of a Winchester SXP Field 12 guage Pump Shotgun!
Oct 30th Winner:  Taylor Made Auctions - Glenrock.  Winner of a Winchester SXP 12 Guage Pump Shotgun!

November Month Gun Winner:  Tony Aquila - Jackson DU:  Winner of a Benelli M2 Max 4 Camo 12 GA Shotgun!
Nov. 6th Winner:  Bryan Berg - Riverton DU  Winner of a Beretta M9 9mm pistol!
Nov 13 Winner:  Karrie Vivian - Buffalo DU:  Winner of a Beretta Tikka t3 Lite .243 Bolt Rifle!
Nov 20th Winner:  Dan Taylor - Riverton DU:  Winner of a Beretta Outlander Camo 12 Guage shotgun!
Nov 27th Winner:  Waylon Geuke - Casper DU.  Winner of a Beretta Nano Pistol!

December Month Gun WInner:  Kristina Nuefeld - Casper DU:  Winner of a Browning Citori Satin Hunter 12 Guage!
Dec 4th Winner:  Tommy Hamm - Bear River DU:  Winner of a Browning maxus 12 guage.!
Dec 11 Winner:  George Curtis - Riverton DU:  Winner of a Browning BPS Hunter 12 Guage!
Dec 17th Winner:  Shaden Wells - Sweetwater DU:  Winner of a Browning Buckmark Camper .22 Pistol!
Dec 25th Winner:  Josh Cotton - Casper DU.  Winner of a Browning A Bolt Medallion II - 300 Win Mag rifle!

Thanks to all who bought 2014 Calenders, and your support of Ducks Unlimited and Wetlands Conservation!
Happy New Year to you all.

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