Alkalai Lake

Ducks Unlimited (DU) is working to the restoration of wetlands and grasslands in Wyoming by partnering with the state's Partners for Wildlife (PFW) program.

An example of this work is the restoration of Alkali Lake in Fremont County, on the Wind River Reservation. The 2005 project restored 73 acres of wetlands, 80 acres of upland grass was fenced and a 10-acre island was constructed. Following the restoration, the lake now has a maximum depth of four feet, which will provide good migratory and brood production habitat

The site contains a mix of tribal and private land. "One of the landowners remembered this wetland as a kid and wanted it restored," said Bob Sanders, manager of conservation programs for Wyoming. Last fall, a complement of waterfowl and 13 sub-adult trumpeter swans were seen using the area.

The site fills from surface runoff, springs and irrigation return flows. In addition, 256-acre feet of water were secured through the Wind River Tribe to ensure adequate water.

Other partners on this project include Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Wind River Reservation.