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DU Launches $1.7 Billion Conservation Campaign

On May 27, 2006, at the 69th annual convention, Ducks Unlimited unveiled a $1.7 billion plan to save crucial habitats stretching from Canada to Mexico through the Wetlands for Tomorrow campaign.

Over the last 24 months, key volunteers and staff members have gathered commitments from some of the most generous conservation philanthropists in support of Wetlands for Tomorrow. During this initial phase, more than $500 million has been earmarked for conservation priorities within the campaign. Another $1.2 billion will ensure that key areas of the continent are conserved for future generations of waterfowl and people.

Since the campaign is comprehensive as well as continental, the theme for the launch focused on “making a stand.” In his remarks during the convention’s business session, Kennedy encouraged each member of the Ducks Unlimited family to make a stand by making a commitment to the campaign both financially and as a volunteer. Kennedy showcased the successful collaborations with DU partners by inviting key donor representatives to join him on stage.

In its first two years, this campaign has seen a number of philanthropic milestones:

  • The Wetlands for Tomorrow goal of $1.7 billion is the largest conservation campaign in history.

  • Ducks Unlimited received its largest foundation gift ever from the Pew Charitable Trusts.

  • DU received its largest individual gift ever from a prominent member of the Wetlands America Trust.

  • DU and MBNA/Bank of America have signed the largest corporate collaborative gift in DU history through the bank’s affinity card program.

  • The largest grassroots fund-raising event in DU history was conducted by the Atlanta Ducks Unlimited Chapter, and raised more than $265,000.

Even with each of these successes, we have much more to accomplish. Over the next four years, Ducks Unlimited—through the nine key initiatives of the Wetlands for Tomorrow campaign—will provide opportunities for each segment of DU’s population to make a stand for wetlands and waterfowl. Hunters and other conservation-minded individuals will be able to find an opportunity that speaks to their passion through Ducks Unlimited.

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