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DU Completes Rainwater Basin Project in Nebraska

Ducks Unlimited has completed a wetland restoration project on the 640-acre Hansen Waterfowl Production Area (WPA) in Clay County, Nebraska.

Colorado: Winterhaven

Covering more than 800 acres on the South Platte River in Sedgwick County, DU's Winterhaven project provides habitat for waterfowl and wildlife through a robust riparian community, seasonal and permanent wetland habitats, agricultural crops and uplands.

Restoration Equals Better Waterfowling at San Luis Valley

Colorado waterfowlers and other outdoor recreationists will enjoy newly restored habitat in the San Luis Valley. Ducks Unlimited enhanced more than 2,000 acres of waterfowl breeding habitat at the Alamosa and Monte Vista national wildlife refuges.

Lester Ranch

Rio Grand River Corridor landowners and Ducks Unlimited (DU) worked together in December 2005 to protect an additional 825 acres of wet meadow pasture that is a magnet for migrating waterfowl.

Colorado land conservation strategies

Ducks Unlimited is dedicated to the conservation of waterfowl, wetlands and other wildlife. DU uses a number of tools in Colorado to secure the best habitats, recognizing that most of the land will remain in private ownership.

Russell Lakes State Wildlife Area

Installation of 8 water control structures to improve water delivery along existing ditch network.

Monte Vista Unit 6

Description: Installated 4 water control structures and excavated over one mile of existing ditches to improve water delivery. Improvements allow refuge staff to manage wetland complex more efficiently.

Beebe Draw Survey & Design

Rio Grande SWA (CWI4)

Horsethief Canyon SWA II Survey & Design

Monte Vista Parma Tract

Higel State Wildlife Area Water Control II

Description: Installation of 10 water control structures to improve water delivery along existing ditch network.

Blanca Wells IV

Description: Drilled two artesian wells and installed associated plumbing to delivery water to seasonally flooded wetlands.

Medano Zapata Ranch Stream Restoration

Description: Installation of 2 water control structures to improve water delivery along existing ditch network.

TH Ranch Wetland Restoration

Description: Installation of 10 low head levees providing approximately 140 acres water surface area. Project included construction of various water control structures as well as 3.5 miles of ditch construction and rehabilitation.

Hamlin Tract of Elliott SWA

Description: Installation 9 low head levees providing approximately 150 acres water surface area. Project included construction of various water control structures as well as 3 miles of ditch construction and rehabilitation.

Centennial Valley Ranch - Pritchard Lower Meadow

Description: Installation of 3 low head levees with water control structures providing a total water surface area of approximately 32 acres.

Centennial Valley Ranch - Pritchard

Description: Installation of a 12” PVC and Steel Siphon under the Empire Intake Canal to deliver water to the Pritchard Lower Meadow Project (US-CO-84-5).

Centennial Valley Ranch SWA

Description: Installation of 24” pipeline to span the Empire Intake Canal.

Escalante SWA

Description: Construction of 1900’ of embankment. Rehabilitation of an existing water control structure. Installation of 350’ of 15” waterline for delivery capability to new pond.

Hebron Slough - Haworth Meadows

Description: Installation of 6 water control structures and associated ditch work. Project adds improvements for irrigated hay meadow that is approximately 60 acres in size and is adjacent to previous DU projects in the Hebron Slough area.

Banner Lakes State Wildlife Area

Description: Replacement/installation of 10 large water control structures in existing ponds. Water control structures were either non-functional or non-existent thus ponds were continually full. This created dense stands of cattail. New structures give CDOW capabilty of managing water levels and controlling vegetation.

DT Ranch

Ducks Unlimited has completed an 800-acre conservation easement on the DT Ranch along the South Platte River in Morgan County, Colorado.

Getz Ranch

Another piece of the Colorado conservation puzzle was set in place in 2005 when the Getz Ranch Inc., and Ducks Unlimited teamed with Wetlands America Trust, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and the Great Outdoors Colorado Trust to complete the protection of 960 acres of critical habitat on the Getz Ranch in Colorado’s San Luis Valley.

Silver Spur Ranch

Ducks Unlimited installed about 1,000 feet of embankments and two water control structures at Boettcher Lakes Meadows on the Silver Spur Ranch.

Meadow Ranch

During the fall of 2003, 5,440 acres of the 10,000-acre Meadow Ranch near Center, Colorado were protected via conservation easement, including water rights, making it the largest conservation easement held by Ducks Unlimited in Colorado.

Vissering Tract

DU recently accepted an 80-acre easement along the South Platte River in a critical habitat area in Morgan County, Colorado.

Rio Grande

Ducks Unlimited works with private landowners, partners to conserve wetlands in Colorado’s San Luis Valley.

Higel Ranch

Ducks Unlimited recently completed the first of two conservation easements on the Higel family ranch along the Rio Grand River in San Luis Valley, Colorado.

McNeil Ranch

Protecting natural wet meadows in San Luis Valley.

Colorado Conservation Projects

Ducks Unlimited habitat conservation projects in Colorado. These projects benefit waterfowl, other wildlife and people. View sample projects, project map and more.

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