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Public Hunting on DU Projects in Arkansas

Ducks Unlimited works across the country to ensure not only sufficient habitat for waterfowl, but also to ensure waterfowl hunters continue to have the opportunity to pursue their passion. Here are some of the DU projects in Arkansas that are open to the public for duck hunting.

Arkansas Waterfowl Harvest Trend

Legacy Greenwing Project Named for Frank Appleberry

The sixth Legacy Greenwing project supported by Arkansas Ducks Unlimited will restore 120 acres of vital waterfowl breeding habitat near Rhein, Saskatchewan. Healthy parkland habitat in this area of Canada supports nesting duck densities of more than 50 pairs per square mile, making it one of the most productive waterfowl breeding areas in North America.

Corporate Partners Support Arkansas Conservation Projects

DU recently completed wetland restoration work on the Dixie Farm, Plunkett Rest Area, and Bank of Brinkley units of the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas. Funding for these projects was provided in part by a North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant. The J.A. Riggs Tractor Company donated $50,000 to support this restoration work, and Caterpillar matched that donation dollar for dollar through the Caterpillar Foundation's Dealer Environmental Sustainability Fund.

Freshwater-Introduction Project Proposed in Louisiana

Ducks Unlimited has submitted a $250,000 proposal to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) for a freshwater-introduction project in southeast Louisiana.

Drew County Wetland Restoration Project Completed in Arkansas

Just in time for waterfowl season, Ducks Unlimited and partners last fall completed a wetlands restoration project on the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) Cut-Off Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Drew County.

Arkansas: Bayou Meto Waterfowl Management Area

Ducks Unlimited and its partners enhanced 1,162 acres of habitat within the Wrape Plantation (712 acres) and Buckingham Flats (450 acres) units of Bayou Meto Waterfowl Management Area, one of the largest state-owned WMAs in the nation.

Dunklin Uses Budweiser Award to Help Enhance Bayou Meto

Arkansas Conservation Projects

Ducks Unlimited habitat conservation projects in Arkansas. These projects benefit waterfowl, other wildlife and people. View sample projects, project map and more.

White River NWR - Wetlands Enhancement

Purpose: To create a water delivery system to improve flooding and drainage of 2 wetland impoundments on White River NWR.

Raft Creek WMA - Wetlands Reserve Program

DU and its partners recognized the enormous value of this landscape and tremendous opportunity for waterfowl. Thus, DU helped facilitate purchase of the residual rights of the property by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA - Snowden Fields Project

Purpose: To restore 91 acres of moist-soil wetlands on St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA through construction of several levees (13,000 cu. yd.) and installation of two water control structures.

St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA - Wayne Hinds Tract

Purpose: To acquire 80 acres of forested wetlands habitat on St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA through fee title acquisition.

Hurricane Lake WMA - Hackleton Lake Reforestation

Purpose: To restore 37 acres of bottomland hardwoods on Hurricane Lake WMA through tree planting efforts.

Seven Devils Swamp WMA - Habitat Acquisition

Purpose: This project involves acquisition of 3,445 acres of bottomland hardwood wetlands and cypress/tupelo swamp to provide high quality breeding, migration and wintering habitat for waterfowl, non-game birds, and other wetland dependent wildlife.

Overflow NWR - Moist-Soil Units

Purpose: To restore 420 acres of moist-soil wetlands on Overflow NWR through renovation of external levees and installation of 4 water control structures.

Bayou Meto WMA - Halowell Reservoir

Purpose: To enhance 621 acres of moist-soil habitat on Bayou Meto WMA through construction of 2 cross-levees and installation of several water control structures.

Arkansas Partners Project

Description of the Arkansas Partners Project, a collaborative conservation effort among Ducks Unlimited, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the USDA NRCS.

Wetlands Reserve Program - Arkansas

Wetlands Reserve Program conservation efforts in Arkansas by Ducks Unlimited and its partners

Ed Gordon/Point Remove WMA

Purpose: Newly restored wetlands create new opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts in Arkansas.

Lake Dardanelle WMA

Purpose: Approximately 53 acres of moist-soil wetlands have been restored through construction of external levees (14,000 cubic yards of dirt) and installation of 2 water control structures.

Bois D’Arc WMA - Green-tree Reservoir Enhancement

Purpose: To enhance 185 acres of Bottomland hardwoods on Bois D’Arc WMA through construction of a green-tree reservoir.

Galla Creek WMA - Forested Wetlands Restoration

Purpose: To restore 2,356 acres of forested wetlands habitat on Galla Creek WMA through renovation of existing levee and replacement of flood-damaged water control structures.

Frog Bayou WMA - Acquisition & Restoration Project

Purpose: Acquisition of 790 acres of agricultural land adjacent to the Arkansas River. Ducks Unlimited will restore the property to bottomland hardwood forest and seasonally-flooded wetlands.

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