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2013 Farm Bill: Using Social Media for Final Passage 2/27/2013


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The 2008 Farm Bill expired on Sept. 30, 2012 but was extended through this September as part of the last-minute fiscal cliff agreement. The extension allows the farm bill conservation programs to continue accepting enrollment in the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP), Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Grasslands Reserve Program (GRP) under the programs’ existing caps. However, these cap levels may still be affected by any additional fiscal cliff agreements coming through March.

The Senate has already said passing a comprehensive, five-year farm bill is a priority for 2013. The House of Representatives has also said they are committed to working on a bill.

Let’s work together to keep the farm bill on the minds of Congress – join us for a #2013FarmBill social media day once a month when we’ll flood Facebook and Twitter with posts encouraging farm bill action. Use one of the pre-written posts below or create your own.

Contact Heather Stegner, DU’s governmental communications manager, with any questions at hstegner@ducks.org or (202) 347-1530.

The first #2013FarmBill social media day is Wednesday, Feb. 27.


Use #2013FarmBill in as many tweets as possible today. Use it in your personal and organizational tweets. Tell your friends. Look for other people talking about the farm bill and reply with the hashtag.

You can also use some of these sample tweets:

#Congress: Pass a 5-year Farm Bill now! http://bit.ly/VzYndm #2013FarmBill

The Farm Bill is a conservation bill! http://bit.ly/VzYndm Pass a #2013FarmBill!

Farmers, ranchers, hunters, anglers, sportsmen need a #2013FarmBill! http://bit.ly/VzYndm

US has lost > 50% of our wetlands. Conserve what’s left w/ #2013FarmBill! http://bit.ly/VzYndm

Grasslands & wetlands are good for water quality & quantity. Pass a #2013FarmBill! http://bit.ly/VzYndm

I’ve told my #Congressmen to pass a #2013FarmBill – have you? http://1.usa.gov/XYIRm1

Find your #Senator and tell them to pass a #2013FarmBill! http://1.usa.gov/12fQifF


Go to the Ducks Unlimited Facebook page, like and share our 2013 Farm Bill update on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

Link to the Ducks Unlimited Facebook page in your own status update and ask your friends to like it in support of the 2013 Farm Bill.

Post your own status update about the farm bill (tell Heather about it! hstegner@ducks.org) or use one of these samples:

The Farm Bill isn’t just an agriculture bill – it affects jobs, conservation, wildlife and habitat. We need a 2013 Farm Bill!

70%+ of the nation’s native grasslands and 50%+ of wetlands have already been lost. I support a 2013 Farm Bill with conservation programs!

Native grasslands were used for grazing lands during last year’s drought. More proof that we NEED conservation programs in the 2013 Farm Bill!

The House of Representatives didn’t get to vote on a farm bill last year. Tell your Congressmen you want a 2013 Farm Bill! http://1.usa.gov/XYIRm1

Senators are working on a 5-year Farm Bill. Tell your Senators to support the 2013 Farm Bill! http://1.usa.gov/12fQifF

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