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Honey Lake Wildlife Area Tanner Weir Replacement Projects

As originally envisioned, this project would have resulted in design and construction of a new reinforced concrete weir on the Fleming Unit, replacing the non-functional Tanner Weir, to improve DFG’s ability to capture and utilize Susan River watershed runoff before the water flows into Honey Lake. Due to unresolved property line and access issues, the weir replacement project could not be constructed within the time frame of the contract, but the available funds are being reprogrammed to provide for design and construction of approximately 6,000 feet of buried PVC pipeline and installation of a center pivot irrigation system.

The pipeline construction work will occur at the Fleming Unit, and link existing wells to existing lift pump and pipelines that DU has previously designed and constructed. This will result in tremendous water conservation improvements because with the current system, pumped ground water must flow from the well through nearly 5,000 feet of open ditch before reaching the existing pump station and pipeline, with much water lost to ditch seepage and evaporation before water finally reaches the lift pump and pipelines. In addition to this, pipeline improvements will eliminate the need to use a nearly ½-mile long delivery ditch which includes a portion of sandy soils where water loss is extreme (…imagine turning on a garden hose in the desert and watching your water disappear into the sand…). The new pipelines will result in improved water delivery to over 460 acres of managed grain and grassland nesting cover and 600 acres of managed seasonal wetlands.

Center pivot installation will occur at the Dakin Unit and will replace a wheel-line sprinkler system. The new center pivot will improve DFG’s irrigation capability to approximately 140 acres of fields regularly planted to wheat and barley, and will eliminate the labor that is needed to operate the wheel-line sprinkler system, freeing up DFG staff time for other habitat management needs.

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