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Gun winners


Check out our gun winners from our  Ducks Unlimited raffles

Springfield 40 XD - Richard C. from Tucson, AZ 
Rock River AR 15 - Jessie F. from Tuscon, AZ 
Smith & Wesson 1911 - Brooke H. of Tucson, AZ
Sig Sauer 1911 - Jerry B. of Knoxville, TN.
Kimber Pro Carry II - James C. of Tucson, AZ  
DU 75th Ruger Vaquero - Robert W. of Tucson,AZ
D.U. Weatherby 30-06  - Zach K. of Peoria, AZ.  
Remington 887 - Charlie C. of Ft. Huachuca AZ
Life time Hunting Licsence - Joaquin M. of Tucson, AZ
DU 75th Ruger Vaquero - Erin P of Tucson, AZ
Kimber Pro Carry II - Gilbert H of Tucson, AZ
Kahr CW4043 - Wayne C of Tucson AZ
S&W M&P 15/22 -  Steve L of Tucson AZ
Ruger LCP Margie N. of Tucson AZ
Smith & Wesson M&P Richard G. of Sierra Vista AZ
Ruger 10/22 Super Raffle G. Benson of Tucson AZ
Desert Eagle 1911 Arthur K. of Tucson AZ
Remington Versa Max Mark B. of Tucson AZ
Franklin AR Robert C. of Tucson AZ
Smith & Wesson M&P Joe B. of Tucson AZ
Stoeger SXS John P. of Tucson AZ
Kimber 1911 Michael B. of Tucson AZ
Traditions Pursuit 50 Ca.of Tucson AZ
Ruger SR 1911 of Tucson AZ
Great Gun Giveaway Stan C. of Tucson AZ (Sig Mosquito)
Great Gun Giveaway Kenny H. of Tucson AZ (Benelli Nova Tactical)
Ruger 9 MM Howard N. of Tucson AZ
Remington M700 Kerry B. of Tucson AZ
Marlin 925M William B. of Tucson AZ
Desert Eagle 1911 Jim D. of Tucson AZ
Great Gun Giveaway Larry F. of Tucson AZ (Benelli Tactial)
Grate Gun Givaway  Traci W. of Tucson Tikka T3 
Springfield XDS Monica B. of Tucson

H&K VP9 Chad W. of Louisiana

Versa Max Xavier B. of Tucson 

Great Gun Giveaway Dec 26, 2014 Michael N. of Tucson

Rossi Lever action .45 john H of Tucson

Savage Model 16 7 MM-08 Steve P. from Tucson

Rock Island M-5 Michael W. from Tucson

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