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Banding Together for Waterfowl

Napa Sonoma Marsh Wildlife Area Projects


US-CA-424-7 Huichica Creek Unit - This project is located on the Napa Sonoma Marsh Wildlife Area. This Duck Stamp Project enhanced 30 acres of freshwater seasonal wetland habitat and was completed in 2012.

The wetland unit silted in overtime and was overgrown with hardstem bulrush. As a result, habitat conditions were below the desired condition, providing very little suitable habitat for waterfowl. The goal of the project was to improve wetland management capabilities by providing the water management capabilities necessary to promote the germination of desired wetland vegetation.

Project work included excavating excess soil that had accumulated over time and using it to improve the perimeter levee. Interconnecting swales and potholes were constructed, and new water control structures were installed.

The project provided the wetland manager with the necessary water management capabilities to control the germination of hardstem bulrush and manage the wetland to improve the quality of habitat provided for waterfowl.

US-CA-424-8 Napa River Unit - This project is located on the Napa Sonoma Marsh Wildlife Area. The actual project area is south of Highway 37, adjacent to the Pond 1 water intake channel. Small berms were created during powerline installation to isolate this area from the natural tidal influence. The area suffered from poor water quality and the habitat was severely degraded; vegetation was dying due to the lack of water and poor water quality.

The goal of this project is to reconnect this area to tidal influence, enhancing 10 acres. Specific project components include installing water control structures and excavating channel blocks.

US-CA-424-9 Camp 2/ Wingo Unit - This project is located adjacent to Sonoma creek, on the north western boundary of the Napa Sonoma Wildlife Area. The project site is an approximately 800 acres managed freshwater wetland that is surrounded by tidal marsh. The perimeter levee is severely degraded and is at risk of failing. If the levee fails, the wetland will be inundated by brackish water.

Project work includes enhancing and raising the 1.5 mile perimeter levee.

US-CA-446-6 Pond 10 trail - This project is a public access project on the North Plant Site of the Napa Sonoma Wildlife Area.

DU was approached by the CDFW to design and construct a public access trail around Pond 10. The trail will connect the area to the San Francisco Bay Trail network of trails around the San Francisco Bay and will provide public recreational opportunities including, hiking, biking, bird watching, outdoor education, and wildlife photography.

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