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Waterfowling Game Changers

Change is a fact of life for waterfowlers. When ducks and geese quit playing by the rules, it may be time for waterfowlers to rewrite the playbook. Following is advice from four expert hunters on how to adapt your hunting tactics to bag more birds this fall.

Waterfowler's Notebook: My Blind Bag Checklist

I learned the value of checklists as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. All pilots are taught to follow their checklists religiously to avoid mistakes that could embarrass them, or worse, cost them their lives. Forgetting your shotgun shells on a duck hunt might not be as consequential as neglecting to set an airplane's flaps for takeoff, but it can certainly be embarrassing and frustrating. That's why I depend on my blind bag checklist.

Amazing Retriever Facts

Here's a look at several interesting facts that explain how dogs perceive the world and why they behave the way they do.

Field Reports: Late-Spring Habitat Conditions 2016

More precipitation will be needed to improve wetland conditions on many important waterfowl breeding areas

Build a Better Burger

Trendy foods may come and go, but burgers will always be in style.

DU Has Only One Enemy

In my last "Insights" column, we discussed the critical threats facing secure water supplies for both wildlife and humans, and the increasing demands on a finite supply. So does this mean that farmers, ranchers, municipalities, and industries are the enemies of conservation? Of course not. We know that all of these entities are essential partners with DU in accomplishing our mission. Maybe our enemy is found in radical animal rights groups that we have seen follow rules of engagement that we find despicable? We have observed distorting the truth or outright lying as acceptable tactics that these groups use to justify their emotional viewpoints. Yet none of them is our enemy. They simply play upon our real enemy to hide the truth and advance their agenda. So what is the enemy that we simply must find a way to defeat if we are to achieve our long-term objectives?

Sweetwater Brewing Company

"Men in White" - Two Snows Down

Whenever an artist is charged with creating artwork to illustrate a written story, the first step in the process is to come up with an image that encapsulates the author's narrative. In this case, Doug Larsen's Last Call column, "Men in White," is about field hunting snow geese, so the image is fairly straight forward; a hunter walking back to the blind, through the decoys, carrying a couple of geese.

Establishing a training, conditioning and feeding regimen for your duck dog

Retrievers are athletes that need a regimen. It's important to establish a yearlong training, conditioning and feeding program to help your dog be consistent in the marshes come fall.

Wild and Free: 2016 PSA - 60

Wild and Free: 2016 PSA - 30

Band Together: 2016 PSA - 60

Band Together: 2016 PSA - 30

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2016 DU Member Photo Contest: Hunting Honorable Mentions

Take a look at the outstanding images captured by this year's winners

2016 DU Member Photo Contest: Retrievers Honorable Mentions

2016 DU Member Photo Contest: Waterfowl Honorable Mentions

Take a look at the outstanding images captured by this year's winners

Greenwing: Leaving A Legacy

DU National Convention Mobile App

Ducks Unlimited National Convention mobile app, available FREE for iPhone and Android.

DU 2015 Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2015 was a productive and successful year for Ducks Unlimited with total revenues exceeding $225 million. More than 55,000 volunteers gave their time and talents to the organization, and the result was impressive. DU events drew more than a half million supporters and raised $56 million in net proceeds. That means 4 percent growth in revenue and 8 percent growth in attendance. And it's all because of dedicated volunteers and generous supporters like you.

2016 Ducks Unlimited Annual Convention Sweepstakes Rules

Habitat for Hunters

For most of us, the word "habitat" conjures up attractive mental images of the many natural places where wildlife live. Ducks Unlimited's mission statement makes this connection explicit by stating that DU "conserves, restores, and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl." The statement goes on to say that "these habitats also benefit other wildlife and people." While that sentence recognizes the fact that many other wildlife species benefit from DU's efforts to conserve habitat for waterfowl, the last word highlights the most important beneficiaries of DU's work: people. Everyone who enjoys waterfowl and other wetland wildlife benefits from DU's conservation programs. But hunters, who make up about 85 percent of our current membership, have traditionally provided the greatest support for DU's mission.

10 Off-Season Projects for Waterfowlers

Fill your spring and summer schedule with a few exciting projects, and before you know it the first cool weather of September will push teal down the flyways and the hunting season will start all over again. Here are 10 productive waterfowling-related activities that never go out of season.

Authentic Duck or Goose "Street" Tacos

Although for tacos I do occasionally slow-roast large goose breasts until they are pot-roast tender, I prefer to cook them the way that I learned from the Mexican street vendor. Cut them into chunks and pound until flat. Apply a liberal amount of seasoning and slap them into a lightly oiled hot cast-iron skillet for about a minute or two per side. Chop and serve with your choice of a frosty-cold beverage; mine includes a squeeze of lime.

Shotgunning: Practice Like You Play

Recently, a well-known basketball coach told a rookie player to practice only the shots he would take during games. The coach's point was that not all practice is equal. The same advice holds true for waterfowlers wanting to sharpen their shotgunning skills in the off-season. The closer you mimic actual hunting conditions, the more you'll get from your time on the skeet range or sporting clays course. Here's how.

Retrievers: The Bottom Line

The decision to get a new retriever is seldom merely a matter of weighing the costs versus the benefits. Some folks can't imagine living without a dog, much less hunting without one. The choice often comes down to heartstrings as much as it does to purse strings. Nevertheless, all prospective dog owners should understand that the investment they're about to make will be significant. Here's a rundown of just some of the expenses you're likely to incur if you decide to take the plunge and get a new dog this spring.

Understanding Waterfowl: Wood Duck Box Management

The 1930s marked the rise of the wildlife management profession, as well as experimentation with the use of manmade nest boxes to help revive wood duck populations depleted by years of habitat loss and overharvest. Dr. Frank Bellrose, regarded as the father of wood duck management, and his colleague Arthur Hawkins began using nest boxes and studying nesting female wood ducks at Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge in Illinois. Since their pioneering efforts, nest box programs have become popular among government agencies, conservation organizations, and private citizens for studying and propagating wood ducks.

DU's Peaks to Prairies Initiative

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana span some of America's most beautiful landscapes. The high-mountain peaks in this scenic region are also the sources of some of the continent's largest rivers, including the Missouri, Colorado, Arkansas, Platte, and Yellowstone. Their cold, clear waters are noted for outstanding fishing, as sportsmen and women come from all over the world to catch trophy trout and enjoy majestic scenery and iconic wildlife such as bears, moose, and elk. These mountain headwaters are also important for something else: waterfowl. Western rivers and their associated tributaries and high-elevation wetlands provide vital breeding, migration, and wintering habitat for a great abundance and diversity of ducks, geese, and swans.

Some Years Are for the Ducks

As I write this, the 2015-2016 duck season is drawing to a close. It began with great promise for a fantastic season with a record 49.6 million nesting birds counted across the northern parts of the United States, into the prairies and Great Lakes of Canada, and up in the Boreal Forests. Then the September teal season in the south and the regular season in the north seemed to bode well for great harvests and healthy populations. Millions of migratory waterfowl rested on the Canadian prairies and in the northern United States awaiting the normal push of the Arctic blasts that would encourage them to move farther south for the winter. But the weather didn't follow the normal patterns this year, either with hard freezes in Canada or temperatures and rainfall in the United States.

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DU Financial Information 2012

DU Financial Information 2012

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Leadership Giving, Continental Conservation

30 Day Giveaway Sweepstakes Official Rules

Official Rules for the DU 30 Day Giveaway Sweepstakes

Ducks Unlimited 30 Day Giveaway Sweepstakes!

Win a free tshirt and duck call from Ducks Unlimited!

DU TV 2014: Conservation

Showtimes: Saturday 8:30 pm, Monday 1:00 am, Wednesday 6:30 pm and Thursday 7:30 am. All times Eastern. Presented by Remington. On the Pursuit Channel.

DU TV 2014: Cooking

Showtimes: Saturday 8:30 pm, Monday 1:00 am, Wednesday 6:30 pm and Thursday 7:30 am. All times Eastern. Presented by Remington. On the Pursuit Channel.

DU TV 2014: Duck Dog

Showtimes: Saturday 8:30 pm, Monday 1:00 am, Wednesday 6:30 pm and Thursday 7:30 am. All times Eastern. Presented by Remington. On the Pursuit Channel.

DU TV 2014: Duck Gun

Showtimes: Saturday 8:30 pm, Monday 1:00 am, Wednesday 6:30 pm and Thursday 7:30 am. All times Eastern. Presented by Remington. On the Pursuit Channel.

DU TV 2014: Tactics

Showtimes: Saturday 8:30 pm, Monday 1:00 am, Wednesday 6:30 pm and Thursday 7:30 am. All times Eastern. Presented by Remington. On the Pursuit Channel.

DU TV 2014: Bonus Material

Showtimes: Saturday 8:30 pm, Monday 1:00 am, Wednesday 6:30 pm and Thursday 7:30 am. All times Eastern. Presented by Remington. On the Pursuit Channel.

DU TV 2014: Full Episodes

Showtimes: Saturday 8:30 pm, Monday 1:00 am, Wednesday 6:30 pm and Thursday 7:30 am. All times Eastern. Presented by Remington. On the Pursuit Channel.

May 2014 Gear Guide: Blind Faith

From layouts to boats to chairs, blinds have revolutionized the way waterfowlers approach a day in the field. The constant modifications required to ensure durability, concealment, and other hunter needs make a quality blind a critical tool in any waterfowler's arsenal.Now is the time to select next season's blind, and here's a compilation of new and time-tested waterfowling blinds and accessories.

DU TV Better Waterfowling Tip: Calling Multiple Duck Species

Wade Bourne, DU Magazine Editor-at-Large, demonstrates how varying your calling tactics to target species in your area may improve your hunting success.

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2014 DU Member Photo Contest: Honorable Mentions

View honorable mention entries in each category from the 2014 DU Member Photo Contest. Thanks to all who submitted photos!

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Ducks Unlimited Online Trip Auction Rules

Ducks Unlimited Online Trip Auction

We are proud to announce the Ducks Unlimited Online Trip Auction!

March 2014 Gear Guide: Next Season's Gear

Waterfowl seasons have ended for most, yet spring continues to elude much of the country. Luckily for those still focused on waterfowling, this is the time of year when many companies announce new gear for next season. The March Gear Guide contains new products from manufacturers that will be available for the 2014-2015 waterfowl season. It's only six months away - start planning now.

DU Financial Information 2011

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California DU Calendar Gun Giveaway

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Partnership Celebrates Innovative Prairie Conservation Project

BISMARCK, N.D. – Oct. 30, 2013 - The USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), along with project partners Ducks Unlimited (DU), The Climate Trust (TCT) and The Nature Conservancy, today announced positive results from their joint collaboration — an innovative Avoided Grassland Conversion carbon project. The project is one of nine groundbreaking climate change initiatives selected and funded by the NRCS’s 2011 Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) program, and is focused on greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation for one of the least protected and most imperiled ecosystems in the world.

DU Position on Hunting

More Public Service Announcements

More PSAs for print and television from Ducks Unlimited.

Waterfowl Migration 30

Waterfowl Migration: DU 2013 PSA (30)

Waterfowl Migration 60

Waterfowl Migration: DU 2013 PSA (60)

Big Shoes 30

Big Shoes: DU 2013 PSA (30)

Big Shoes 60

Big Shoes: DU 2013 PSA (60)

Hunter Revealed 30

Hunter Revealed: DU 2013 PSA (30)

Hunter Revealed 60

Hunter Revealed: DU 2013 PSA (60)

About Ducks Varsity

The first Ducks Unlimited high school chapter fundraising event was held in 2003 at Collierville High School in Collierville, Tennessee. Ducks Unlimited began to promote the DU Varsity program on a national level in 2013; since then, the number of active chapters in the United States has increased steadily. In 2015, 38 chapters from 22 different states were responsible for raising more than $300,000 in event income for wetland conservation. DU Varsity volunteers have the opportunity to take part in the many leadership and networking opportunities the program provides in addition to supporting DU’s mission and learning about conservation.

Ducks Varsity

High school students across the country are starting DU Varsity chapters and attending local events. Join the DU Varsity team and earn your letter today! Visit us at www.ducks.org/varsity to find or start your local chapter. For additional information contact Ducks Unlimited Manager of Youth & Education Programs, Mark Horobetz, at (901) 758-3892 or mhorobetz@ducks.org.

Michigan Boater Survey for Waterfowl Hunters

As part of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) project "Mapping cumulative risks to prioritize prevention effort," we are again inviting all boat owners in Michigan and the Toledo, Ohio, area to complete a short survey.

Kansas DU Newsletter

Ducks Unlimited Trademarks

Please purchase only officially licensed DU products!

Waterfowl Migration Resources

2014 Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway

For Arkansas DU staff and volunteers

DU Sweet 16 for 2011

Each spring, Ducks Unlimited announces its Sweet 16 list of top-producing volunteer university chapters throughout the nation. This elite group is considered the best of the best when it comes to fundraising and overall chapter strength.

Conservation Staff

May 2013 Gear Guide

Waterfowlers get bogged down with gear gadgets every season and forget one of the most important factors in waterfowling – shooting. The DU Newsletter Editorial Team sourced items, not including firearms, to accompany your off-season shotgunning sessions.

American Luxury Coach

American Luxury Coach (ALC) and Ducks Unlimited recently introduced a series of customized vehicles designed for the outdoor enthusiast. Using standard 2013 General Motors trucks and sport-utility vehicles, ALC modified and enhanced the vehicles to incorporate the DU signature logo and additional luxury features.

April 2013 Gear Guide

The DU E-News Editorial Team has selected several gear items to add before summer begins—and as a bonus, they are ideal for fall activities as well.

Ducks Unlimited 2012 Annual Report: Our Donors

Honoring the donors who made a difference for wetland and waterfowl conservation.

RNT Tips: General Duck Calling

Jim Ronquest, RNT-V producer, Jim Ronquest, RNT-V producer, explains how to piece together a string of calls to create a sequence, or cadence.

March 2013 Gear Guide

Retriever training is a year-round process and to be sure your retriever is in top shape for next season, it's time to get to work. The DU Newsletter editorial team has chosen a handful of retriever training items that may help you prepare a puppy – or an experienced dog – for the 2013-2014 waterfowl season.

Special MetLife discounts on for DU Members

MetLife Auto & Home has announced that members of Ducks Unlimited now have access to special group discounts on auto and home insurance.

Retriever Training: Using a lead in the blind

With Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels and Deke the DU Dog

Calling Tips: Hunting and calling from a pit blind

Field Hudnall explains how to call from a pit blind.

DU Capitol Hill Dinner Hotel and Travel

For individual tickets or a sponsor table, please contact Kenzie Hannon at (202) 347-1530 or khannon@ducks.org.

DU Capitol Hill Dinner Auction Items

Enjoy a plated dinner, open bars and bid in the silent and live auctions! For individual tickets or a sponsor table, please contact Kenzie Hannon at (202) 347-1530 or khannon@ducks.org.

DU Capitol Hill Dinner Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a variety of sponsor options for all budgets, tax-deductible as charitable contributions to the extent allowed by law. For individual tickets or a sponsor table, please contact Kenzie Hannon at (202) 347-1530 or khannon@ducks.org.

DU Capitol Hill Dinner Reservations

Tables for the DU Capitol Hill dinner are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For individual tickets or a sponsor table, please contact Kenzie Hannon at (202) 347-1530 or khannon@ducks.org.

Cliff or Launch Pad?

Insights from Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall, published in the March/April 2013 issue of Ducks Unlimited Magazine.

DU Financial Information 2010

February 2013 Gear Guide

The Light Goose Conservation Order is just beginning, and there's a whole new assortment of gear for these difficult birds. Choosing from a pile of possible gear selections, we've narrowed it down to a few items that may improve your light goose hunting season.

Chile Colorado

Nothing seems to get chili aficionados heated up like a debate over whether to add beans to the pot. To some, chili just isn't chili unless it's bean-free. Others eagerly add beans to the mix, but that can spark further debate over which beans to use.

Wetlands and Watersheds

The 19th-century explorer and geographer John Wesley Powell defined a watershed as "a bounded hydrologic system, within which all living things are inextricably linked by their common water course and where, as humans settled, simple logic demanded that they become part of a community." Powell wisely recognized that all living things in a watershed, including waterfowl and people, are united by and dependent on its central element—water.

Waterfowler's Notebook: Patterning Late-Season Ducks

Biology plays a bigger role in duck hunting than most hunters realize. Duck behavior is governed by instincts such as feeding, mating, and surviving. In winter, for example, ducks spend much of their time seeking mates for the spring breeding season and building energy reserves for the coming northbound migration.

Understanding Waterfowl: Mallards and Their Relatives

Widely distributed across North America, Asia, and Europe, the mallard is the most abundant duck in the northern hemisphere. Mallards are successful because they are adaptable, which allows them to exploit diverse habitats and resources. Mallards are also one of the most prolific breeders in the waterfowl world. In some cases, hen mallards have been observed making up to six nesting attempts in a single breeding season.

A Brush with Greatness

A wildlife painter by trade and a duck hunter at heart, David Maass has made a waterfowl-hunting pilgrimage to Manitoba's Delta Marsh during each of the past 35 years. The man has seen plenty of ducks, but in his eyes the good old days might be right now.

A New Plan for Waterfowl

It was 1985, and the continental duck population had fallen to its lowest level in two decades. Of even greater concern was a change in the historical relationship between wetlands and breeding ducks. Winter snowfall and spring rainfall yielded a 93 percent increase in May ponds from 1980 to1985, but duck numbers decreased by 31 percent during the same period. Up until then, pond and duck numbers had moved more or less in lockstep. It appeared that habitat loss had taken its toll, and biologists had new evidence to back the claim.

A Great Year

In my last column we talked about the prospects of yet another phenomenal waterfowl season, based on the record 2012 count of 48.6 million breeding ducks in the traditionally surveyed area. This fall, we may have had 120 million to 160 million birds migrating down the flyways.

Developing a Wetland Mitigation Project on Your Land

If you own land and care about wetlands and wildlife, you can help DU protect and restore wetlands and other types of habitat on your land! By letting DU know that you, or someone you know, own land and are interested in conservation, you are helping DU achieve its mission of protecting, restoring and managing wetlands for waterfowl, other wildlife and people.

Mitigation Solutions

Because of Ducks Unlimited's experience delivering high quality wetland habitat projects in all 50 states, DU is uniquely positioned to assist developers of large projects meet their mitigation requirements.

DU Wetland Mitigation

Ducks Unlimited is recognized worldwide as the leader in wetland habitat restoration. Since 1937 Ducks Unlimited has conserved, restored and managed wetland habitats across North America.


DU-branded Internet Tool Bar

Waterfowl Journal FAQs

Frequently-asked questions and answers about the DU Waterfowl Journal App.

Will Schorp

Will Schorp, DU Field Editor, Houston, Texas

Ken Carroll

Ken Carroll, DU Field Editor, Brandon, Mississippi

Bert Holtzman

Bert Holtzman, DU Field Editor from Tell City, Indiana

Blakely Byrd

Blakely Byrd, DU Field Editor for the 2012-2013 Waterfowl Season.

New DU Iowa State Chair

Iowa’s new Ducks Unlimited State Chairman Frank Mertz is sounding the DU battle cry for conservation: “Conservation for Generations.” Mertz, who hails from Webster, is asking DU volunteers to help get the word out about the value of wetlands conservation now and for years to come

Migration Alert: Sacramento Valley hunters need winter weather

The birds are here in the Sacramento Valley but hunter success for the remainder of the season is going to depend on weather, especially for rice field hunters.

Migration Alert: Colder weather improves Texas waterfowling

Texas waterfowlers have had steady success throughout the state and cold weather should continue to improve numbers.

Migration Alert: Kentucky forecast could bring birds in for the new year

A forecast of frigid temperatures in the upper Mississippi flyway has raised expectations of a push of new birds and better shooting going into the new year.

Migration Alert: Tennessee hunting success sporadic

Dec. 27, 2011: Hunter success in Tennessee has been sporadic. In many areas ducks have been here-today-and-gone-tomorrow.

Migration Alert: Missouri waterfowlers face stalled migration

Strong cold fronts have yet to push waterfowl through northern Central and Missippi Flyway states forcing Missouri hunters to use creative strategies.

Migration Alert - Southern Illinois waterfowlers waiting for push

Dec. 21, 2011: Southern Illinois hunters are in a wait-and-hope mode: waiting for a push of new birds and hoping it will occur before the season ends in late January.

Migration Alert: Hunt Now in Oklahoma

Dec. 13, 2011: Oklahoma's second season opened this past Saturday, bringing with it a level of excitement not seen this year in the area.

Migration Alert: West Tennessee migration improving

Dec. 12, 2011: Hunting on Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee has been slow, but action is picking up today.

Migration Alert: Recent rain and cold have dispersed waterfowl in Missouri

Dec. 7, 2011: An abundance of new water in southern Missouri and ice in the north has shuffled the deck for hunters in this state.

Migration Alert: Duck numbers and available habitat increasing in Mississippi

Dec. 7, 2011: Duck numbers continue to increase in Mississippi and as harsh winter weather hits northern states hunters should expect more.

Migration Alert: Oklahoma habitat, duck numbers look promising

Dec. 6, 2011: Current weather conditions are good for hunting ducks in Oklahoma – highs in the 40s and lows around 20.

Migration Alert: California reports indicate good numbers and habitat

Nov. 22, 2011: California waterfowlers have seen decent numbers of early migrators, and expectations are high as new cold fronts continue to push birds south.

Migration Alert: Rainfall improves conditions in parts of Arkansas before opener

Nov. 18, 2011: Waterfowlers throughout much of Arkansas should expect a decent opening day as good numbers of early migrators have arrived.

Migration Alert: Missouri and Kansas waterfowlers optimistic

Nov. 17, 2011: Habitat conditions have improved with recent rain, but Missouri and Kansas hunters are still waiting on a big cold front from the north.

David Boike

DU Migration Field Editor profile for David Boike (Alexandria, Minnesota)

Migration Alert: Colorado - Birds arriving on the Front Range

Nov. 15, 2011: Snowstorms along the Northern Front Range has pushed migrating ducks and geese into several new areas throughout Colorado.

Migration Alert - Early counts show Louisiana duck numbers higher than last year

Nov. 11, 2011: The estimated 1.84 million ducks on this survey is 13 percent higher than last November's estimate of 1.62 million.

Migration Alert: Hunting Heats Up in Colorado and Nebraska

Nov. 11, 2011: An influx of dabblers, divers, and geese has recently arrived along the northern Front Range.

Migration Alert: N. Indiana seeing migration increase

Nov. 4, 2011: Hunters who can find spots with wood ducks and green-winged teal will continue having the best success for now.

Migration Alert: Texas - Available water an issue throughout the state

Texas waterfowlers know that the drought will play a role in their hunting success this season. TPWD provides a forecast for three zones.

Migration Alert: Minnesota - Above average temperatures expected as migration continues

Nov. 3, 2011: Hunting success has remained slow over the past week.

Larry Nelson

DU Migration Field Editor: Bayfield, Wis.

Migration Alert: Still Waiting for the Big Push in North Dakota

Oct. 27, 2011: Waterfowl numbers in the Dakotas appear to be in a holding pattern right now and a powerful cold front is sorely needed to help move new ducks and geese into the region.

Migration Alert - Mississippi Flyway: Waterfowl on the way

Oct. 18, 2011: Waterfowl on the way in the Upper Midwest

Migration Alert - Manitoba: Ducks and geese hitch a ride south on brisk winds

Oct. 18, 2011: Brisk northwest winds in recent days have triggered a push of waterfowl out of Canada's southeastern prairie and into the Dakotas and beyond.

Migration Alert - Minnesota: Cooler temperatures improve waterfowl numbers

Oct. 14, 2011: Duck hunting success remained fair across the state over the past week despite the above average temperatures.

Early Fall Habitat Conditions in Canada

Due to favorable habitat conditions throughout Canada, fall flight expectations remain high. Overall migration still depends heavily on timely weather patterns.

Waterfowl Migration Alert

DU-TV is currently filming for the 2012 season in Saskatchewan. Show host, Huntley Ritter, and DU Sr. Communications Specialist, Mike Checkett provide a glimpse of the hunting conditions they faced throughout the week.

Migration Alert: Plenty of water and ducks for North Dakota Opener

Sept. 21, 2011: The outlook for North Dakota's duck season is quite good, but extensive scouting will be imperative for success.

Migration Alert: Texas teal hunting depends on water

Sept. 15, 2011: Opening day of teal season on the coast was outstanding if you had access to water.

Migration Alert: Good teal opener expected in Louisiana

Sept. 9, 2011: Expect a good opening teal weekend depending on the area, with all areas seeing more birds in the next few weeks.

Migration Alert: Teal numbers increasing in Texas

Sept. 8, 2011: Teal concentrating on areas with water, suitable habitat

David Adamson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for David Adamson (Richmond, Virginia)

Migration Alert: Texas Migratory Bird Hunting Report

Sept. 2, 2011: Leveed ponds and fields that have water are holding significant blue-winged teal numbers. Unfortunately, the drought is limiting suitable habitat.

Avery Pro-Staff Migration Reports

Avery Outdoors Pro-Staff will submit real-time, informational migration and hunting reports through DU's Migration Map throughout the 2011-2012 waterfowl season.

Weather Tools for Duck Hunters

New for this season, DU has incorporated weather directly into our waterfowl migration map. In addition to various current conditions and radar, you can also see forecasted amounts of rain, snow and ice across North America.

Waterfowl Migration Mobile Apps

Follow the ducks from your mobile device this season. Ducks Unlimited is proud to announce two new mobile apps for waterfowl migration tracking this season!

2011 Waterfowl Forecast

The 2011 breeding population estimate for the 10 most common duck species in the traditional survey area was 45.6 million birds—an 11 percent increase from the previous year's estimate and the largest since surveys began in 1955.

DU Migration Field Editor Program

The Ducks Unlimited Migration Field Editor program was engineered to create a solid foundation of credible migration and hunting reports within the DU waterfowl migration map.

Chad Youngberg

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Chad Youngberg (Waseca, Minnesota)

Scotty Watkins

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Scotty Watkins (Nome, Alaska)

Brian Vogelsmeier

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Brian Vogelsmeier (Sweet Springs, Missouri)

Woody Taylor

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Woody Taylor (Casper, Wyoming)

Mike Stevens

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Mike Stevens (Lubbock, Texas)

Anthony Smith

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Anthony Smith (Ten Mile, Tennessee)

Brian Null

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Brian Null (Wrightsville, Pennsylvania)

Shannon Meadors

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Shannon Meadors (Vancouver, Washington)

Billy Gray

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Billy Gray (Natchitoches, Louisiana)

Stephen Gautheir

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Stephen Gautheir (Lafayette, Louisiana)

George Diplock

DU Migration Field Editor profile for George Diplock (Augusta, Maine)

Brian Demers

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Brian Demers (Seattle, Washington)

Jeff DeFord

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jeff DeFord (Alexandria, Virginia)

Kenny Darnell

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Kenny Darnell (Murray, Kentucky)

Mike Cole

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Mike Cole (Grantsburg, Wisconsin)

Randy Brown

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Randy Brown (Marion, Illinois)

Ed Brown

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Ed Brown (Lewes, Delaware)

Kevin Bork

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Kevin Bork (Auburndale, Florida)

Jacob Appleberry

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jacob Appleberry (Tillar, Arkansas)

Rocky Allison

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Rocky Allison (Redding, California)

David Adamson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for David Adamson (Richmond, Virginia)

Dan Johnson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Dan Johnson (Lufkin, Texas)

Chris Sechelski

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Chris Sechelski (Houston, Texas)

Jeremy Anfinson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jeremy Anfinson (Hutchison, Minnesota)

Brandon Mendoza

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Brandon Mendoza (Kansas)

DU Canada Habitat Report - July 2011

According to 2011 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Canadian Wildlife Service waterfowl surveys, total duck breeding population estimates have increased in most traditional survey areas in Canada.

Vic Meyer

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Vic Meyer (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Terry Laymon

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Terry Laymon (Lake St. Clair, Michigan)

Paul Fincher

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Paul Fincher (Guthrie, Oklahoma)

Dr. Michael Crupper

DU Field Migration Editor profile for Dr. Michael Crupper (Portland, Oregon)

Scott Jasion

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Scott Jaison (Fallston, Maryland)

Ron Kee

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Ron Kee

Jason Needham

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jason Needham

Shawn Schmidt

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Shawn Schmidt (De Pere, Wisconsin)

Patrick Patterson

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Patrick Patterson (So. Minnesota)

Kevin Uetz

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Kevin Uetz (Ventura, Iowa)

Jason Christiansen

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Jason Christiansen (Omaha, Nebraska)

Dave Riley

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Dave Riley (Burlington, Iowa)

Creighton Kaiser

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Creighton Kaiser (Syracuse, Indiana)

Chris Phillips

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Chris Phillips (Cambridge, Iowa)

Aaron Vogler

DU Migration Field Editor profile for Aaron Vogler (Haubstadt, Indiana)

Habitat conditions improve for final weeks in Texas

Varying conditions have been a major factor in hunter success throughout Texas

Deep Freeze throughout Arkansas has ducks on the move

Arkansas will experience the coldest air of the season on Jan. 9-10, causing most shallow waterways to freeze and forcing ducks to find alternate habitats with open water.

Migration Update: Dec. 25, 2010 - Kansas

Despite bitter cold temperatures, Tom Bidrowski, a migratory game bird biologist with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, reports that his state is still holding plenty of mallards.

Migration Update: Dec. 21, 2010 - Missouri

Recent cold weather has frozen wetlands across much of Missouri, pushing large numbers of waterfowl farther down the flyway.

Migration Update: Dec. 16, 2010 - Texas

Texas Waterfowling Heats Up

Migration Update: Atlantic Flyway - Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic States

Bitter cold winter weather currently gripping the Atlantic Flyway has had a major impact on waterfowl movements in recent weeks. These conditions are what sea duck and diver hunters in northeastern states dream of, while waterfowlers in the Mid-Atlantic and south Atlantic states are enjoying recent influxes of waterfowl, especially dabbling ducks.

Migration Update: Platte River

After big push, plenty of waterfowl remain on Platte River

Migration Update: Atlantic Flyway

Waterfowl numbers building in Northern Atlantic Flyway

Migration Update: Missouri

Nov. 30, 2010 - Missouri showing huge duck numbers

Migration Update: Pacific Northwest

Columbia River Basin gets push of birds

Louisiana Duck Numbers Up along the Coast

A waterfowl survey conducted by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) the week before duck season opened in the state’s west zone found large numbers of waterfowl overall and good wetland habitat conditions along coast.

Migration Update: November 16, 2010

Following a major blizzard over the weekend in parts of the upper Midwest, waterfowlers in the Atlantic Flyway are hoping new flights of waterfowl are on the way. Kevin Jacobs, a waterfowl biologist for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, reports that duck and goose numbers are below average for this time of year on the Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area near Linesville.

Waterfowl Migration Gaining Momentum in North-Central States

Field reports indicate that over the past couple of weeks the pace of the waterfowl migration has picked up considerably across the northern Great Plains. "The peak migration is now," says Roger Hallevoet, wildlife refuge manager for the Devils Lake Wetland Management District, which encompasses eight counties in northeastern North Dakota.

Migration Update: November 5, 2010

With strong cold fronts moving through the north, waterfowl are on the move. Stay up to date with migration information and post your migration reports on DU's Migration Map.

Migration Update: Bayou Bluewings

Fall is in the air across the United States and Canada, and DU's Migration Map glows with a multitude of reports from waterfowl hunters about duck and goose numbers in their area. The Louisiana marshes, wintering grounds for more than 13 million waterfowl in some years, are welcoming the arrival of blue-winged teal. These birds provide the first hunting action of the fall and bring with them the anticipation for the general waterfowl season.

First cool breeze pushes waterfowl south

The recent cold front was a welcome relief from summer's sultry blaze, but it's also cause to celebrate for waterfowl enthusiasts and hunters. The cold air, which pushed south into the United States from Canada, bringing temperatures in the low 50s to the Dakotas, persuaded early migrants like blue-winged teal to begin their annual journey south.

Waterfowl Migration

Ducks Unlimited is your waterfowl migration headquarters each hunting season! Be sure to check out the resources below each day to follow the ducks and better prepare yourself for your next trip to the field. Good luck!

Mallard Migration Observation Network

Each week, over 100 state, federal and Ducks Unlimited biologists and wildlife managers rank the progress of mallard migration from Canada to the Gulf Coast. The Missouri Department of Conservation compiles their data to bring you a map showing the status of the mallard migration. Click here for more details about this network.

Migration and Hunting Report Maps

Waterfowl Fall Migration

Why, when, and where?

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