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In Loving Memory of Julie Ann Wyckoff

Julie Wyckoff was raised in a family that loved the Michigan outdoors. Her father and mother took great care to involve their four children in the important seasons of Michigan: Deer, Duck, and stealhead.

As she went on to college and young adulthood, this early introduction to the great outdoors blossomed into a life long quest to seek out new challenges and places. She goat hunted in Alaska, marlin and tuna fished in the Baja Penisula, fly fished throughout the west and duck hunted across Michigan.

She was fortunate to find a husband with similar desires and experiences. Together they started a family that she was determined to make sure was exposed to the same sense of wonder with the great outdoors. For thirty years she mentored and taught her children the skills her father had taught her. Whether it was waking up early to sneak trek through the snow for a deer hunt, spending the early evening dressing a blind or helping her kids learn how to butcher a deer, she was always willing to help and teach.

Unfortunately, before her grandchildren were old enough to benefit from her experience, she was stricken with an uncommon form of cancer. This cancer took it's toll on her before she eventually succumbed.

Julie was always a mentor and a teacher to kids looking to explore the outdoors, with that in mind a memorial fund has been set up to help future Ducks Unlimited Greenwings get the same types of experience and teaching she wanted her family to have.

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Cheryl Adams
Battle Creek, Michigan

Lee Papke
Battle Creek, Michigan

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Thursday, March 20, 2014
Lee Papke
Battle Creek, Michigan
She was truly a special person and my best friend. Julie loved her family, her friends, the kids at the school where she worked, her dogs, hunting and conservation. Everyone that knew her misses her still. Love you Julie.

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1952 - 2011

Resident of: Battle Creek

Native of: Benton Harbor

Occupation: School Technology Director

DU affiliation: Life Sponsor

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Cheryl Adams
Battle Creek, Michigan

Lee Papke
Battle Creek, Michigan

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